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A Year of Living Positively-Day 279

This was a big day of errands, they work following a late night. I taught a class for extra time last night because we skipped the Tuesday session so that I could attend the Korean class. I felt short of sleep but I had to rise and get cracking.

The English composition class that I taught last night was a little difficult. The students seemed nervous when I entered the room. However, I think we had a good lesson so that they felt more at ease by the end of the class. I was discouraged because they did not agree to going to the film festival on the other night they are scheduled to be with me, Tuesday, but perhaps they will change their minds next week. I had a shaky start with the class because I was using material sent by another professor and I guess I had not looked it over carefully enough. That portion of the lesson was not very important, though. I think I handled the main lesson well, which entailed a lecture on summarizing and a practice session reading and summarizing a short biography. Now, the students are assigned to looking up a life story and summarizing it on their own.

I actually fit in a workout this morning and got a lot of important errands done too. I succeeded because I took my shower kit and worked out on campus after having lunch at home. The most important off-campus activity I needed to take care of was the regular medical appointment and blood test.

After a good workout, I showered, changed and got on the student shuttle bus so as to begin my trip downtown. I was supposed to pickup the blouse for my Hallowe'en costume, then go to the phone service company. I got the blouse and was pleased with it. I then made my way to the KT office where I upgraded my mobile phone service so that I am paying for more data each month; I hope to thereby avoid the problem of running out of service in the middle of the month and frequently being left in the lurch without the use of a phone. That was done quickly, leaving me enough time for some quick shopping and a bite of lunch before going to another district for the medical appointment.

As my supply of vitamins and minerals and health tea has been running out, I wanted to buy some more at the department store. It is convenient there because I know where everything is and the health products are on the food floor where there is a convenient place to get a nice lunch. There is an open floor food court of sorts. This time, I chose some teriaki chicken on a bed of grilled sprouts with rice. After that good food, I felt energetic enough to use the rest of my spare time to search for a gift for my sister-in-law and brother. While shopping, I came up with a plan to get a few household things and send them a big care package. I bought a bathmat and some hand towels while at the department store, but the lack of cash and pressing medical appointment made me curtail the spree.

I was depending on the fact that it was pay day at last, and that I could use my debit card to use the account in which my salary is regularly deposited. However, the money had not yet been processed that morning. I ran the debit card dry, then, luckily, used the credit card to get cash. The medical system is a 50% fee-payer system for the 50% not covered by the employment deducted premiums according to the national plan. Therefore, I needed money for the trip to the hospital, as well as to pay the pharmacist afterwards. 

By the time I got back to campus, it was around three-thirty. I put on a cup of green tea and got to work preparing for the evening graduate class. I reviewed the selected articles and made notes for some time; I was surprised to see that it was already five o-clock when I raised my head because B was knocking on my door. She paid me a quick social visit. Then I went to the cafeteria for a dinner consisting of Chinese style fried rice and mandu (dumplings). It was passable.

I returned to complete my notes. I think my lecture was intelligible enough. Thankfully, I was able to turn it over to a student for about 20 minutes, as it was her turn to make a presentation. She did a great job and I rated her mark for the presentation at 100%.

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