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A Year of Living Positively-Day 277

I slept well enough then relaxed in the morning as my first class was not until one. I did little except study for the evening Korean class. After studying, I lied down and watched soccer et cetera for around an hour. After a simple lunch of beef soup, I prepared to go to work. It was nice not to rush around in the morning.

Instead of going up to campus for a morning workout, I did the workout after the one class of the day. Though that arrangement requires bringing shower paraphernalia to shower on campus and using the fitness center’s ugly outfit, it really makes more sense than going up and down the hill twice and spending more time at getting the workout done.

I chose to do a light workout so as to rest my knees some more. They are still a little sore from the tough hike last Sunday. I did an easier stint on the horizontal cycling machine instead of a harder one on the vertical machine. I skipped the skipping but kept to the treadmill routine. I did all the weight training; in fact, I challenged myself more at the weight machines and bench. For instance, I did 22 crunches for the diaphragm strengthening at about a 50% incline, and did some 20 more at the usual 25% incline. Also, I managed to do a few more shoulder presses at 55 kilos, and a few more butterfly presses at 20 kilos. Regardless of the increased bench and machine work, I went easy on the leg work.

I got back in time for a quick but leisurely meal of pasta and a cup of tea. Since I had studied in the morning, I did not have to scurry to cram just before the eight o’clock class. Anyway, it is an easier lesson; we are still on the topic of the weather. In fact, I am writing this blog before the class instead of waiting until afterwards. I feel more relaxed about the class. Well, it is the second to last class, so it is winding down.

By the way, the blog continues to get a little attention, Saturday's blog (274) got around 450 views. Plus, I got a comment. 

I do realize that I need to put my mind to the theme of this volume, but it is difficult to have the mental space it takes when I am working and have other regular commitments as well. I will try to take some time this coming weekend. After that, a long weekend is coming, which could afford me more time for reflection even though I must go to Seoul for the three days and that is because the traveling and time in the evening will be good opportunities for reflection.

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