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A Year of Living Positively-Day 272

The composition class went well last night. It was our first real class after introductions in the first week, then cancellations for the holidays last week. We had to get down to it last night. I am already giving them opportunities to practice writing in class. We started the first lesson of the book, and I walked them through everything in the entire unit so as to make clear the study process mandated by the textbook’s system. This group is generally a little slower than I expected, so I am doing a review of basic paragraph and sentence structure carefully. I can see that I will have to go over some grammatical points with them, after checking their writing samples. I think we have the time for that, as we are only required to do the first eight units of this textbook.
I also had a pretty good workout, though my legs felt a little tired still after the hike last Sunday and all the coming and going up and down the hill to and from campus and up and down stairs to and from my office. I kept to my routine, all the same, except that I had to cut down on the skipping and crunches. I felt weaker doing the butterfly machine, too, but I must point out that I have recently pushed it up another five kilograms.
Day 272
Last night’s class went smoothly. It is the composition class and I feel I have it well organized. With the holidays last week, though, it is tricky lining everything up and getting the students through some hoops before their first assignment is due. Also, the last Korean classes are interrupting its schedule, as I am canceling the next two Tuesday classes in favour of completing the Korean language classes on those two nights because the Korean course must wrap up by the end of September. In fact, we are doing an extra one on Friday to make up for the holiday week. Instead of holding the composition classes on those two Tuesdays, I have assigned the students some homework. Also, we will stay longer when we meet on the next two Wednesdays. I think everyone is happy.

I am rather busy today because I must go to school late in the afternoon to prepare for the grad class that starts at six o’clock but I want to squeeze in a workout too. That is why I am brining some toiletries to campus. I will have to use the gym uniform and shower there. Furthermore, I am busy because I needed to by some more food. I just went to that local supermarket. I don’t prefer it but it serves when I am in a rush. In addition to all that, I had to cram for the specially scheduled Korean class that we will have tomorrow as I will not have much time to review notes and whatnot tomorrow. I feel harried right now because I realized that tomorrow’s class might go for two hours and cover two lessons. I am not sure about that, so I thought I should have a quick look at the next lesson. Thankfully, I studied the first one last Sunday. Now I am about to have some pasta before changing to go to campus.

I am not comfortable with the way the grad class is going. I thought I had things very well planned. I thought the students were content with the workload, which is miminmal and the style of teaching. However, the first presentation was done very poorly. I hope the presentations scheduled for tonight go better. I can see that the students feel lost in the treatment of the humanist philosophy and influences that I have been presenting, but there is no avoiding some content on theory and perspectives on education. Really, I am keeping it to a minimum. I have consulted the director and another grad student, and they find my preparation reasonable. Anyway, we’ll see how the next presentations as well as the first quiz go tonight.

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