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A Year of Living Positively -Day 263

I spent a perfect day at the beach. It was sunny and hot, and the water was calm and cool. It was relaxing and refreshing. I had two swims, once in the morning then again after lunch.

I got there between nine and nine-thirty to sit in the sun then go for a 20-minute swim. Then I ate tuna fish and crackers while sitting on a bench under some trees. After eating, I went for a walk before deciding on a cafe where I could get some tea and stay out of the sun for awhile. There in the cafe, I finally wrote a peace poem.

My one project during this sojourn was to write poetry expressly for the peace poetry reading event that a colleague and I are trying to arrange in Busan in October. I need to have a new poem on the subject to read there.

Here is the latest.


It's idyllic here
On this beach
A kind of peace within easy reach
Today in the sunshine
Waves lap and swish
The weather is fine
I get what I wish
Today, at least
I've escaped the beast
But that's not what I'd call--
What I aspire to at all.
Life just can't be like that all the time.

Peace should be discussion
Without fear of repercussion
Conflict is the norm
Just as much as nature's storm
We can be free
We don't have to agree
In fact, it is our right
For which it's quite worth the fight
Yes, it's something people ought to defend
Against the control and repression others may intend
We are not all equal
--That's the point.
Tastes, moods, ideas cannot be conjoint
We differ in what we prefer
And to others we sometimes defer
Yet we can choose to put aside passion
For the sake of principled compassion
Freedom should not mean we get what we want
Before others who lack and to them flaunt
No, for all are free to feed basic human need
To this end, we must all assist
That is the way to have peace, if you get my gist
Let's unite against too much greed
Stop it and make the greedy heed
Yield to life!
Reject strife!
Object to rule by might!
Fight for life!
That's the kind of peace I'm talking about
Take it to the streets, wave it and shout!

Daepohang, Sokcho City
September 8, 2014

I think Sokcho Beach is my favorite beach in all Korea. For one thing, it is not very crowded. For another, there are no big hotels and apartment buildings. As well, there is a green park full of pine trees along the beach where one can seek shade, have a picnic and exercise. 

I don't sunbathe that often. In Canada, I'll spend a day at the seaside or lake shore once in a while, and I really love the outdoor pool at Kits Beach in Vancouver. I don't spend much time at other beaches in Korea. In fact, it's been over a year since I last put on a bathing suit and went outdoors. I am not used to it at this stage of my life.

I enjoyed staying on this beach today, though. In fact, I liked so much that I got a little sun burnt. I left the beach around 2:30 and went back to my room for a shower and siesta. I cooled down and now I feel refreshed. I found some lotion in the room and I applied it to the burned areas on my body. I hope the burn is not troublesome later.

I am in the lobby using one of the hostel's PC's while I wait for L. He said he wanted to meet me here and join me for dinner after his day of hiking. We agreed that I'd wait for him to show between five and six o'clock.

A couple of girls arrived just before I came out here into the lobby. The viewed the dormitory room and decided to stay here, so I have lost control sole control of the whole room and am no longer solo. I have to share with them tonight. A third woman will take up the fourth bunk tomorrow night. Oh, yeah. I paid for one more night here because I am having such a swell time.

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