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A Year of Living Positively-Day 255

It is nearly seven o’clock in the evening. I just came back from the gym. I had a “linner” (late lunch/early dinner) around four o’clock, so there was still time for a workout before the gym closed at eight.

I slipped out of my normal rhythm today because I got news this morning. Yesterday, I told the realtor that I would make an offer on a couple of small parcels of land in Canada. This morning, I found a reply with instructions and a lengthy file attached. It is a set of legal documents for submitting an offer through a realtor. Not familiar with such dealings, and having to peruse a lot of detailed pages and try to make sense of them, I got into motion right away. Without breakfast, I headed out the door in a buzz, got bread form the local bakery and practically flew up the hill to my office so that I could use the printer, tossing aside a plan to go to the gym first.

Flustered and feeling painfully hungry and drained, I had a couple of bites of the bread and put on the kettle for green tea, then started up the machinery to access the realtor’s latest messages trying to grasp more precisely what I needed to do and when. It seemed to me that there may be a rush both to grab the opportunity and process an offer to purchase. First, I do not want to lose the advantage of finding this deal at a bargain price for an asset that could make me money with a few years. Second, I was aware that there are deadlines and sometimes tight turn-around times.

I need to get a lawyer. I have rarely dealt with one, so the realtor referred me to one who is familiar with the properties involved in the region where the lot I want to buy is. (I probably still have to find at least a notary public on this side of the ocean.) I have never bought real estate before. I guess a lot of my readers have. After reading through the forms a few times, I started to figure some things out. There is a tight timeline to make a deposit once I finalize documents and send in them in. I give the seller a deadline to reply and, when the offer is officially on the table, it is the seller that is under pressure. However, there is an anticipated timeframe of around three weeks to complete the purchase, but it is flexible. Still, I do not want to tarry and lose out on the chance to invest in this urban land. The lawyer can guide me and be my agent in Canada.

I wanted to printer out the 12 pages of “web forms” that I need to read, understand, fill out and sign. The machine spat out three nicely copied pages, then ran out of ink. I immediately went in search of a new ink cartridge. I was sure of what I wanted because I had a box with a used cartridge bearing the correct model number. Nothing being available on campus, I jumped on a local bus going to a department store and searched there. I was in and out of the store in less than 15 minutes, grabbing a box with a cartridge, and stopping to pick up some “gim bap” (rice rolls) since I would be in the office over the lunch period as things were turning out. I caught the next bus right away and was soon back on campus. As soon as I was in my office, I tore open the box and proceeded to install the new ink cartridge. It did not fit. I had bought the wrong model. I had forgotten that I had replaced the printer in my office since using that old cartridge, and that a different cartridge type would be required. I was so bummed out.

There was a solution. I scurried to the office to take over a computer from one of the staff interns and print out the thing properly, though I was reluctant to reveal such documents to others. Anyway, we are only supposed to use the office equipment for work related to teaching. Well, I got the full set of documents in paper form and went to work filling them in.
I brought the papers home. They are not quite done. I can finalize them next week and send them off, hopefully via fax or scanning. I am not sure about a couple of the blanks to be filled in, and I think I need the witness signature and my signature to be notarized. I must put the word out to see if anyone I know can refer me to a good English reading and speaking notary or lawyer in Busan. There was nothing more I could do besides reread them and think it over some more.

I decided to go back to the department store and exchange the ink cartridges since I would need a working printer for work irrespective of personal use. A successful exchange was in doubt because I had torn open the package, but I had a receipt. I taped up the box and plastic cover and did my best. At first, I was told that the store did not have the model of cartridge that I wanted. That seemed odd since they sell the kind of printer that I possess; in fact, I bought my machine from them. Then I learned there was another part of the store that sold ink cartridges so I went there to try my luck and struck gold. I bought the thing at that counter and went to the service desk in the hope of getting a refund for the other one. Though I broke the rules and was scolded by the clerk, the store granted the refund. Hoorah! I thought I may as well buy some supplies, even though I did not have the shopping list with me and could only remember a couple of items on it. I bought more brown rice and got some fried chicken for an early dinner then left the store for home.

I calmed down and had an enjoyable meal at an odd hour. The chicken went well with a cold boiled sweet potato and some of the marinated tomato salad that had been brewing the fridge since last weekend. I finished the meal just after four o’clock and wondered what to do next.

Though I believed I would be too pooped to go back to the gym and complete a workout, I started to feel motivated. I packed the gym bag and went to the gym. I had expected to do another reduced workout but I felt good and ended up doing a complete one. Yea!

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