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A Year of Living Positively-Day 254

Today went well. I had a pleasant time with friends after going to work in the afternoon.
The Namsan High City apartment building group of BUFS colleagues had a reunion. We welcomed each other back from our divergent activities and travels of the summer break. We celebrated by going out to dinner in our area.

We went to the barbecue duck place. There were nine of us. I introduced them to the feature meal of the restaurant, and we all ate the same thing together. It was great fun.

We did not talk about anything in particular. We just shared how we spent the summer.

We lingered a little while, then paid and walked up the street to the gelato cafe for dessert. Y was there and in a good mood. She was the one craving ice cream.

The cafe is located near our house. It serves home-made gelato in several flavours. I really like the grapefruit gelato. It is also a nice atmosphere there because it is set up as a cafe museum with cabinets full of lovely crockery, a wide array of old coffee grinders and old furniture.

During the day, I spent a few hours in my office after paying some bills and dropping into a local bakery so as to pick up sandwich. I began working and ate in my office. I needed to make up specific plans for the first week of classes for all three of the courses that I will be teaching. In particular, I needed to review and fine tune the syllabus for the grad course.

I had created a stack of photocopied articles to correspond with my weekly lecture topics, but they were unorganized. It was quite a job to go through them and sort them out, especially as I was forgetting the content of my own plan. Also, I needed to have the first set of assignments ready to give out. I will have individual students present parts of the weekly lectures most weeks. I therefore wrote up specific presentation assignments for individuals, and reviewed the reference materials that match each assignment. Then I wrote the notes for my first class and reviewed my Power Point slides. In the future, I shall just have to photocopy the materials that each presenter will need, and make weekly lecture notes, with regards to that graduate TESOL class. 

The undergraduate classes, both the composition and conversation courses, rely on the use of a standard textbook, which makes my life easier. It is wise to plan the first class well in order to make a good impression, and have introductory activities for ice-breakers and assessments. I therefore wrote up specific lesson plans for the first day of classes.

The campus was strangely quiet considering that it was the week before classes start. I suppose the road repairs and continuing clean-up of the flood damage deterred people. 

Actually, a lot of students may not make an appearance until the third week of classes because the high holiday season called "Chuseok" takes place early, from September sixth to ninth, which is going to disrupt the second week of classes. In fact, the university has added an extra holiday on September tenth, though I have no idea why except that it means that only about half the campus population will have to be on campus that week, as a lot of people only have classes from Monday to Wednesday. Now that I think about it, it is likely that the Christian owners and employees want their day at Church on Sunday, then the full traditional three-day Chuseok holiday on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, when the calendar days of the holiday actually fall on Sunday to Tuesday inclusive. 

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