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A Year of Living Positively-Day 251

The rain got so heavy today that there were flash floods in my area. Excess water started to sweep the mountain above my campus and neighbourhood down the campus causeway and into the streets. Fork lightening struck and thunder rolled in the background. Now a chorus of the grating of metallic shovels along the pavement on my street can be heard as the clean-up proceeds.

I was heading down the hill barefoot in extremely heavy rain carrying my sneakers inside my gym bag when muddy water started cascading down the main campus access road. Very soon, the intersection at the campus gate was flooding and impeding traffic. Walking down the sidewalk was doable, but not crossing the city street at the corner by the time I reached it. I had to take refuge in a church doorway for a while. The waters rose and the torrential rain persisted for about 45 minutes more, soon tearing up bricks, breaking pavement, and knocking down signs. Sections of the streets became impassable. I could only stand and watch and take pictures. Finally, the rain subsided and the waters started to recede. A colleague and I decided to try walking further down the sidewalk and crossing the road near our apartment building. I was still barefoot though wearing a plastic rain cape.

The water got so high as it rushed down our street that it flood store fronts and carports. It was so strong that boulders and mortar were swept along with it. As soon as the water began to subside, the community got into action and started a clean up. They swept out floors and doorways, pushed aside boulders and bricks, and shoveled rocks and mud. They were residents, old and young.

It had been raining incredibly hard this morning, then subsided. Y and I decided to make the trek to campus. We did some work, had some lunch, then went to the gym. While we were at the gym, the torrential rain began to build. It was just after my workout and after Y had departed that a river was beginning to form on the main campus access road. I did not bother putting on shoes and instead walked as quickly as I could to get home fast. I could see waves of mud forming and the water on the road rising as I walked. It got deeper and deeper, faster and faster. I got as far as the campus gate, at the intersection, but decided that it was too dangerous to try and cross the main city street. I took refuge in a church doorway at the top of a stairway. Y apparently managed to catch a taxi in the nick of time before the local streets became blocked.

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