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A Year of Living Positively-Day 250

Y arrived very early this morning and was at my door around nine o’clock. She said she took a taxi all the way from the Incheon Airport to Busan because there was no other transportation. She said the driver picked up his wife and brought her with his fare-paying passenger, and I supposed they are having a fun time in Busan with Y’s money. Ha!
After travelling for at least 14 hours by plane, then going through immigration and customs, then taking a ride for some five hours, she was up and about unpacking everything, going to a store and visiting someone. I would have removed necessary things like dirty laundry and things to wash with from my bags, washed, then flaked out to try and sleep.
Anyway, she wanted company straightaway. I had been monkeying around on the PC, and had just completed typing up notes of the National Council meeting and sending them to the Chapter officers with a message when she knocked on my door. Though I had drunk juice and coffee, and had a little fruit by that time, as usual I was feeling drained and in need of breakfast. In this situation, I was not up for a visit and the kind of in-depth catching up and exchange of ideas that I know Y likes to engage in—just yet. She went off to the convenience store and I had breakfast.
When I was feeling better, I decided to see her that morning. My original plan was to go on a hike today, but rain was forecast by the afternoon so I postponed the hike and elected to take a short walk in the mid-afternoon. After sitting on the train in through a meeting yesterday, I really needed to get outside. Besides, I was feeling restless after another poor night of sleep. Aside from slamming doors that woke me up, the strong smell of bleach reached my apartment. Around six in the morning, I was bothered by a mosquito. I hesitated but decided for the walk in the forest later in the day instead of a longer mountain climb up to the ridge because of the iffy weather. I was also in the mood to socialize after feeling dissatisfied that yesterday’s meeting did not conclude with any socializing.
Y was reunited with family members and friends, as well as an old flame. Having planned to look up the old flame and ask for a short visit, she was asked to return for a longer visit. She found herself in a love affair. She’d told me about this guy before, and I knew she was trying to rekindle a former passion. He’s an interesting but complicated guy, which I cannot describe here. I told her I am glad for her. There are obstacles that may or may not get worked out enough for a continuing relationship. She wanted to sound things out and get my feedback, which I gave. I am optimistic about it. It is wonderful for people to have a second chance. It is wonderful beyond words that one can find a happy romance late in life.
I had been reflecting on this person, this neighbour/colleague/friend this summer. I said earlier in this blog that I had come to the conclusion that we were not compatible enough to be close friends. That realization came as a disappointment. Today, however, I learned more about her. With the new information, and having formed more understanding over the summer, I feel much more positive about this friendship. I am happy to say that I think we can become good friends after all. She is warm and loving, as well as artistic and socially gracious and sensitive. She is a great conversationalist. She is open and a good listener. No doubt the vacation, especially the personal attention of a lover, did her good. Maybe she resolved some things that may have been affecting her behavior before.
Anyway, we talked and sipped tea and whatnot for a couple of hours. She started looking pale and I asked her how she was feeling. She tried to be polite but indicated she was getting tired. I was starting to feel drained and in need of lunch. Besides, I could not tolerate sitting around too much today.

I left her to rest while I made some fried rice for lunch and prepared for a walk in the great outdoors. Though the atmosphere was getting more and more muggy, it was still not raining. I changed into capris and sneakers and headed for the forest paths near the campus. I chose to go south and take a trail new to me that leads to Busan National University. I walked for a couple of kilometers then left the trail to get out onto the road and go home. It was enough exercise and exposure to nature to relax me and shake the restlessness and irritation. 

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