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A Year of Living Positively-Day 248

It has been quite a busy day. I went to the gym earlier than usual so as to get an early start. I did a full workout. It still feels harder before I took a break from it. I still cannot press 55 kilos on the shoulder exercise machine, and I cannot quite do 70 crunches. I pressed 45 kilos 18 times and 65 crunches. However, I did nearly everything. In fact, I did 70 straight jumps in addition to 50 bounces when I skipped rope. Before I only did 40 to 50 real jumps, rather than the bouncy double –step jumps. I am not doing the backward weaight-bearing lunges that toughen up the buttocks. Rather, I am doing more work on the arms because they still look fat and crepe-like. I make sure I do the three sets of three types of triceps presses. Now I am doing open arm extensions, palms up from sides to shoulder level, but I can only manage it with a minimum weight, which is three kilos.
It was a fully sunny and delightful day, not just partially so as yesterday’s weather forecasts predicted. It seemed fresh after days of storms.
Today was a graduation ceremony day at BUFS. The bouquet sellers and parents were around. It was therefore not a good day to do office work.
Instead of working, I went to the city center in Seomyeon after lunch. I went shopping for gold because I noticed that the prices dipped last night. For some reason, buying gold has been on my mind and I have been keeping an eye on the prices by browsing the web. I bought a medallion as an additional form of savings. With any luck, I’ll be able to sell or trade them some day when the prices are high again. Actually, I got a good deal today, though it would have been better had I gone to the gold market first thing in the day. I just did not want to miss my workout, so I opted to go later in the day. The shops were busy!—no doubt in response to the price activity.
Since I was out, I went to a train station to look into buying a ticket to Daejeon. The National Council is meeting there tomorrow. As a Chapter President, I am a member of the National Council as well and I should attend. I was hoping to pay a visit to my friend, R, in Daejeon on the same day, but he says he is out of town, so I got a return ticket for six o’clock. It is only two hours away.
The train station is in a big bustling traditional market area. I went there I got a good deal on green apples and (mostly) green tomatoes. There are so many tomatoes that I wanted to make a quick preserve. Sugar, salt, vinegar and lemon are all natural preservatives and disinfectants, and they enhance flavours as well. You can keep vegetables or fruit in a sealed container in the refrigerator for up to a month if you add at least one of those ingredients. If you sterilized jars and sealed them airtight, you could keep such preserves for up to two years. I chopped up all the greenest tomatoes to basic salsa size, and marinated them in all four of the above enhancers/preservatives. I think the concoction amounts to a liter of relish. If I added chili pepper, we could call it salsa, but I don’t think I will. I can add herbs or other vegetables later, if I wish.


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