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A Year of Living Positively-Day 245

I got in a good workout today, the first since July 31. I had intended to do it yesterday, but torrential rains discouraged me. Outside my window yesterday morning, the street looked like a river. The rains pummeled the city overnight and all Monday, only breaking in the evening before they resumed last night. That is why I stayed home and wrote poems instead. I had hoped that the heavy rain would ease off enough for me to walk up to the campus gym this morning, and I got my wish.
It feels satisfying to have had strenuous exercise. I managed to pick up where I left off doing my regular routine despite the two-week long hiatus. However, the treadmill running and the skipping seemed harder than usual. I did everything as before, though, with the exception of the crunches. I was not strong enough to do the set of 70 crunches, so I stopped at 55.
I hope the weather is clear enough for walking back to campus and doing a lot of photocopying tomorrow. Intense humidity fouls up the photocopiers, you see, so that the paper tends to jam up often. I want to photocopy the rest of my lecture sources for the graduate course before it is time to return the library books.
For now, I can relax. This evening I should prepare for the Korean class. The study of the present unit is well at hand since I got a head start on it before I went on the trip to Japan. Also, it is a review of previous grammar and not difficult.
Actually, I got down to business early in the day. Let me explain. Since I received notice of a call for papers for a social science and education conference, I made the decision to submit a proposal. The topic I chose was journal writing and I proposed the title of the paper and presentation to be, “Adventures in Journal Writing”. On that vein, I could talk about three different forms of journal writing that I have tried. As for use in teaching, one type would be the collection of short stories called Impressing Heaven that I have already spoken and written about, and another would be student journals that I have assigned in conversation and composition language classes. A third would be this blog, “A Year of Living Positively.” Here, I am pasting a copy of the abstract that I submitted today. What do you think?
This presentation explains and discusses some recent uses of journal writing. I have been employing various forms of journal writing as classroom assignments, reflective teaching practice, personal and career development, understanding and perspective development of positive thinking, and as a tool self and peer help. I teach English as a foreign language in first and second year university classes and written journals to reflect on my teaching, interactions with the administration and the social context and motives of my students. I have often assigned journal writing to students in conversation and composition classes in recent years. I have found that journal writing helps students to not only enhance language skills but also critical thinking, career decision-making, and personal development. It is also beneficial to teachers. That is to say that in reading their journals, one gets to know the students better. Further to that classroom work, I have written reflections on young adult English language learners in a creative writing style, thus creating stories based on my encounters with such people. In addition to explorations of journal writing in teaching, I have been writing a daily blog to reflect on my situation as a working professional in mid-life; in this project, I have expressly aimed at developing a perspective of positive thinking that aids me and others in addressing common problems of life, making career and personal decisions, improving relationships and staying content. I therefore discuss a conception of positive thinking and endeavour to apply it to my daily personal and professional life. I conclude that journal writing in various forms can be highly effective in teaching, research, career development and personal growth.
If the weather holds up, I will go out to get some tofu or fish for dinner. I already bought some fruit on the way home from the gym. The guy with the fruit truck was parked in his usual place, and I got quite a big load of peaches from him. They are the hard type, and not so delicious, but they are good enough. There were so many after he added extra fruit to the sale as a “service” gesture, that I left half a dozen for Y in her apartment and at two with rice rolls for lunch.

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