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A Year of Living Positively-Day 244

The Sound of Violence
Go away darkness
You’re not my friend
I don’t want to see you again
Every time you come along
We know that something is wrong
You sneak up while we are all sleeping
To ruin the world you go acreeping
The screams ring out and explode inside my brain
Here it is again!
The sound of violence.
Hollywood loves that roar
They produce it more and more
Guns ablazing
Property razing
Bodies falling, here and there
Persons mauling everywhere
It’s hard to tell who’s good or bad
And chaos makes the audience glad
They love it when things go, “BOOM!”
The thrive on prospects of doom
It’s exciting to see cities aflame
What’s frightening an amusing game
Yeah, lots of guys get off on menacing dins
It’s cool to immerse themselves in sins
It’s ridiculous how shot heroes spring back
And frivolous how they attack
Cameras make the impossible true
Special effects plan mind tricks too
Bodies fall all over the place
Cars keep crashing on the chase
Buildings blow up, crumble
Speedy aircraft smoke and tumble
What does it all mean?
Violence appears just routine
They say, “Relax! It’s just entertainment.”
I say it’s mass concern, sensitivity containment
Violence deafens the ears
For people not to hear the tears
It is justified and claims its right
The proof presented in all its might
It’s a habitual informant
To convince hearts to lay dormant
In the background, the machine hum
Drowns out voices, makes us dumb
It’s white noise turned bloody
Oozing life liquefied and ruddy
Civilization is losing its grace
Barbarism and cruelty taking its place
We may have believed in progression
But the conquest realizes retrogression
Technology once evoked fine dreams
Yet it elicits terrible rage and screams
The wars far away
Are closer to home today
They can get you
Your friends and family too
Whole towns are being slaughtered
Grandmothers, kids and daughters
You can see, and can listen so that you hear
The soldiers of greed as they draw near
Their drones and jet fighters precede them
Don’t let state and oil feed them
You can act, the will is yours
We can refuse to be involved in their wars
Don’t fall for the illusions
Let go of your self-delusions
Train your ears to hear the truth
Don’t believe, “eye for eye” and “tooth for tooth”
Make a pledge to ditch the dope
Open your mind to peace and hope
Speak out to what is unjust
It’s not a choice, we must, we must!
You’d better heed the warning
For it all could be over in the morning
Stop consuming wanton destruction
Join the struggle for a new construction
Learn to sing a new refrain
Create a chorus of “Justice shall reign!”
Sure, it’s not easy, but not too late
To unite as people and put things straight
You’re responsible so get into gear
Don’t hide your head in fear
The time is now
We’ll find out how
The point is to shut up the machine
Reverse the direction of what’s been
Curb violence, reclaim peace
Shout it out all through the streets
Chain up the predators in silence
Retake the podium, media, audience
Quell the screams and cries
Counter all the evil lies
Once we have created the space
Then we can the future face
Let’s challenge the contemporary rants
Begin by composing some alternate chants
Good-bye darkness!
Let in the light!
We’re shooting for what’s right
We’re setting out, taking flight
The beauty of life we defend
We’ll sing that melody ‘til the end!
Violence, your voice will get weaker
We know see your cracks, know the strength of the meeker
Against the sound of violence
We ring the bells of defiance
Chartering out a new course
We’re building a new force
That feeds the world, worships life
Battles against domination and strife


What if the rains never stopped?
Two days of a nonstop intense downpour
Is enough to drown the habitat
Never mind forty!
They talk about the heat
And how the sun flares and falters
And that there are freezes too
Yet the rain is another sign
Of what fate we humans could meet any day
Life is short
It is ephemeral
It is on, then off
Why waste it, then?
For all we know, Earth is unique
We don't know what's going out there now
When experts surveil the universe
The look deep into the past
To see humungous explosions
And finished stars contracting infinitely
There is enough destruction without us adding to it
Can’t you hear the thunder, and see the lightening?
For all we know, we are here by chance
Whether by fluke, or design
Creation is precious
It is also temporary
Face it; that is true.
Stop making more rain!
When the kegs are full
And you are on the verge of drowning
Don’t help the rain in those times!
Moreover, collect it and conserve
Use it frugally, as per need
You may be the one who desperately needs it one day
If you are not drowning instead
To the drowning person, toss a life line as and whenever you can
It is good policy
It is for your own security
Do you want to be responsible for death?
I’m sure it is not your job
I’m sure there are repercussions if you do
Today, it pours relentlessly
What about tomorrow?
We don’t know for sure
We don’t know much
So, wipe the smugness off your face
You, whoever you are, are fragile too
Like castles and banks
Like the deer and flowers
Like the volcanoes and stars
Like cells and antibodies
Like empires and corporations
Your power does not amount to much, on the scale of things
Don’t think otherwise
It’s all bigger than you
You may as well go with life, not against it
Be with your nation
Not opposed or isolated
You could need it badly one day
You never know
Anyway, you can’t win, really, if you are
There is no swimmer or paddler strong enough
That idea is laughable

Observe the rains
Pay attention
Make hay while the sun shines
Sip the energy, taste its delights, enjoy the fruit
And learn by enlightenment: SEE
Drink you fill of life, but not that of someone else’,
Not to excess!
Live and let live
Ask yourself:
Do you really have problems,
Other than this universal predicament?
(Is the predicament a problem, anyway?)
What constitutes a problem?
Who as one, actually?
Who makes it?
It’s all relative and you belong to an intricate interconnection in spite of your self
There is no escape
Furthermore, ego is no match for it
Water beats earth and fire
Only rocks survive because they are the residue of life past 
They are not alive
Are you?
If you want to be alive
Then, live!
But join the humans and make shelter together
Community is stronger
It could rain again tomorrow
You never know if the rains will stop
And if flooding will conquer.

August 18, 2014

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