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A Year of Living Positively -Day 243

Over 350 views on August 15th!! Why?? I think it is because I referenced two major television stations. Interesting what prompts more visits and views. I was looking to see whether references to Aug. 6 and 9, and Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and A-bombs would have gotten as many hits, but, alas, no.

It is a pleasant Sunday. Itching to keep busy and get out of the house today, I could only think of going shopping or working in my office. Since most stores around here close their doors on Sundays, I opted to go to the office. Besides, I felt like a walk outdoors on such a nice day.

I got some important tasks out of the way today. I therefore not only feel that I have accomplished some things today; I also feel more organized and confident about what I am serving up to my students this fall semester.

With regards to the graduate course planning, I looked at one of the reference books that I recently acquired from the teacher training library. It is on technology and second language education. I tagged some pages to be referred to in my lecture on the unit concerning technology. With the information from the tagged pages of that book, I was able to complete a missing section of the graduate course slideshow and think of an additional topic for a student presentation.

After working on the grad course plan, I reviewed the undergraduate course syllabuses and did some fine tuning. I now have a clearer idea about what I am teaching and the steps that I will lead the students through. Also, I worked on developing the details of the first major project of the writing course and wrote up a project description sheet. Moreover, I wrote up a description sheet for the first presentation assignment for my conversation classes.

Having eaten a snack and had an extra cup of hot coffee in my office, I didn't need lunch. Instead, I wanted to take a walk through one of the nearby forest trails. I thought I might get hungry and want to have noodles in one of the outdoor hikers' restaurants. Else, I'd just have a drink. It was a nice day to walk around and sit outside--not too sunny or hot.

I went out the back door of our building and walked along the path beside the stream. There is a temple somewhere way up there, and I probably climbed most of the way there. After about an hour, though, I decided to turn around and make the descent. I was only wearing canvass loafers and street clothes. I had no snack or water with me, either.

Along the way, I stopped and saw people lingering beside the stream. I wanted to wade in and wash my feet like they were doing. I found a pool midstream and waded immersed in water just above my ankles. I sat for awhile, but did not want to stay still long enough to get bug bites.

On the way back, I had worked up an appetite and found that my knees were shaking. I therefore decided to cut across from the stream trail to the sports field and find the noodle shack. I ordered cold spicy "bibimbap" noodles with a broth. Lots of people were there--some big family groups and couples, among whom a few were casual hikers. I took my time, but rose to leave when I noted that the weather was changing. A lot of people were coming back down the mountain at that point, but there was only a sort of spitting and no real rainfall occurred. 

I just got home and it is only 3:30. Other than a little more studying for the Korean course, I can think of nothing more that I need to do today. I can study this evening. For now, after completing this blog entry, I can relax and just take in the rest of a summer day.

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