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A Year of Living Positively-Day 241

Nothing happened in my life today. It has been an incredibly slow day. I know I must cherish the time on such a day. 

I began with no plan and none developed. It is a national holiday, so why not make it a day to do nothing in particular? I have just switched from puttering about the house (room), playing my cutsie computer games, reading messages and articles on the internet and watching a little TV.

Although I like to watch the main newscasts of Euronews and the BBC World News when I rise, I am into the TV5Monde channel. It is the French language channel based in France. I have been enjoying documentaries on little pockets of French culture, especially the program called "Roots and Wings" (Les Racines et les Ailes). There is also a program that is similar to Jeopardy! that I enjoy, although it is hard for me to follow all the questions because they are articulated very fast when the contestants only have a few seconds to answer in timed competitions. Moreover, I sometimes catch the news from Montreal in the afternoon. 

Oh, and I also uploaded a couple of photo albums. I uploaded all the Peace Mission (Korea-Japan) photos into my own personal album, including the sightseeing ones. We had half a day for sightseeing in Nagasaki, after the commemorations of the morning. In addition, I finally uploaded the Italy trip photos, the ones I took on my visit to Florence for a premature vacation and attending a conference. I have wanted to delay uploading them since I violated my employer's policies by taking off when I did, and not reporting it, and I still want to be discrete. I put them into a Facebook album, which is risky because Facebook wants everything posted and even when I labeled the Florence album as "for only me", it still turned up on my timeline, which friends can see. I just deleted the timeline postings but kept the album.

I could have written this blog earlier in the day, I had so much time. I thought I should wait and see if I had any news or big thoughts. My mind is spongy today, however.

I guess my brain needs to recharge today. After all, I have been busy. I coordinated the tour and did some course development in the days leading up to the Peace Mission, and was preoccupied with learning about struggles and taking action myself from August 3 to 11, which was eleven days. Then I had to take care of Stephen and immediately after he left Busan, I set to work reporting on the Mission. Yesterday, I spent half a day hurrying to finalize fall course syllabuses and input all the details on the university's system. Yes, I deserve a break. My mind probably needed to be passive in order to process things and recharge. I'm okay. I don't need to work or accomplish anything today. I have no reason to consider myself lax for doing little today.

In passing the Day 240 mark, I have written more than 60 days worth of entries in this third Volume of A Year of Living Positively. After September 13th, I can compile and upload Volume Three. I have not been writing about the them of journal writing or that of collaboration lately; I think the ideas have run their course and petered out. Next I want to concentrate on working for social change as a goal and aspect of a life with a positive thinking approach in the last Volume. Having done and reported on the Peace Solidarity Mission, I have made my way naturally into that domain.

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