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A Year of Living Positively-Day 228

I feel a little odd today. I slept poorly again, and I have more time on my hands than anticipated. Also, stormy weather is approaching. When there is a barometric drop, it affects my sleep and my mood.
Once again I have been feeling very drowsy since late afternoon, but I am trying to keep myself awake so as to go to bed at a proper time and sleep to a proper hour in the morning. I have done that the last two nights but lain awake for a long time regardless. Well, I do not sleep so well in the summer heat especially because it is too hot to wear the sleeping mask and ear plugs.  

I am not very productive today. I hope I'll be in good shape by Sunday. 

I carried on with some packing, sorting out supplies I might take along and filling small containers with the basic stuff like shampoo and facial cleanser. I want to restrict my gear to the carry-on sized suitcase, my day backpack and a tote bag. It takes some organizing to make sure I have adequate stuff, including enough shirts for frequent changes, that will fit in the bags. I need some items to cope with heat and be prepared for inclement weather. (Japan gets most of the typhoons in this part of the world.) At least I only need to bring casual clothing--pants and tops.

I am not good at last minute packing. I can forget important stuff when I try to do last minute packing. It is good to have a few days to pack in stages, even for a mere week long trip. 
I got my workout done earlier in the day in anticipation of heavy rains this afternoon. A typhoon made its way up from Taiwan and over Kyushu (southernmost Japan) toward Korea. It has been downgraded to a tropical storm, but tropical storms can be serious. As expected, the sky clouded over, gusty winds kicked and rain began just as I was returning from the fitness center on campus, but the bad weather has not yet happened. Nevertheless, the air is super humid. When I weighed myself at the gym, the scale showed me being slightly heavier, and I am sure it is from water retention.
One reason for the wakefulness is the quandary over whether to go to Cheongdo, north of here in the countryside. As I said before, it is an awkward trip, one that I am not familiar with, and the weather will not be suitable for standing around outdoors and camping overnight. So far, the weather forecasts still indicate the worst weather for Sunday and Monday, so…
I started studying the next Korean lesson and it is not as arduous as anticipated. It is simpler than previous ones, better laid out, and a review of some elements. Good. I studied for a couple of hours and it will be easy to pick it up on the day after my return from Japan in time for the next evening class.
My tutor is really pleased with my progress. She says I sound “natural” and I am using a lot of expressions correctly. Well, it sounds good on her end while I look at the worksheet answers and my notes on my end during our lesson.

Sorry, my eyes are too drowsy and my mind too fuzzy for saying anything terribly intelligent today. 

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