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A Year of Living Positively-Day 225

My brain is tired. I have not been able to wake up completely today, although I think I got some nine hours of sleep. Apparently, my brain wants more sleep. I am dopey and there are circles under my eyes. Actually, I got super drowsy at around five yesterday, but I tried to keep myself awake until ten so that I would not wake up super early, as my body really likes to do in the summer (4:30 or so, even!). 

I had to stare at those eyes for a couple of hours in front of the mirror at the hair salon. I was happy to find them open this morning, for I felt I needed to get out of the house but I did not want to think. I talked (well grunted and gestured) the stylist to use dark blond instead of light brown, for my hair naturally lightens in the summer and I only get the roots done to camouflage the burgeoning grey hairs. My hair is naturally light brown through most of the winter, but the hair dresser was using too dark a shade before. While waiting for an hour for the colour to set, I read a bit of The Three Musketeers ebook on my mobile apparatus, and watched a bit of TV after my eyes and head got tired of reading. Then I simply shut my eyes until the hour was up.

That Dumas novel goes on and on. I'm close to the 60th chapter! It is great writing and a humorous yet thrilling story, but it is hard to follow. There is so much detail.

After the hair job, I carried on to the department store to get a supply of coffee and enough meat and fish to finish the week of cooking. I also looked at sneakers. My old ones are trainers with the wide soles that make them look clunky and extra big. They are getting worn out and they take up a lot of space in the bags, so I was thinking of replacing them now. I found out that that style of trainer is back in vogue; many of the big brands like Adidas, Nike, Prospec, and dasics are offering that kind of style this year, with the exception of specialized shoes like for biking and water activities. I therefore decided to hold off. Good thing my brain was alert enough to realize that.

However, I did buy a couple of new shirts. I have a lot of shirts and I bought some last year, but the newer ones are dressier and many of them have no sleeves. Given the state of my creepy crepe-ish flabby arms, I decided to get two more short sleeved shirts to hide them under. Besides, the weather will be so hot and humid in south Japan, and I'll be on the go so much without time to wash things day by day, that I will need quite a few tops. We'll only be in one place for one to one-and-a-half days each. I have been planning what to pack and it dawned on me that I might not be able to coordinate or use much of what I have, or had before I went shopping today. One shirt is a pullover sports shirt to replace one I use at the gym that is stained and too small now. The other is a semi-casual long shirt to go with the skinny pants. With the two new ones, plus the short-sleeved political t-shirts to wear on the big days, I am covered (pun intended). 

You can learn more vocabulary in those situations where the other person just does not speak any English. It's the best way to practice and burn expressions into your memory. In that kind of person scenario, the other person cannot intervene and continue the dialogue in English because they are just not equipped. I arrived at the word for hair roots today because of such dynamics: buri (부리). 

I simply cannot operate my brain much today. I'm at about 30%, I believe (but then-hah- my brain is handicapped today!).  Fortunately, I have studied  this week's lesson in Korean well enough. I just did a review for one-and-a-half hours and it does not seem as challenging as it did last week. I will review a bit more before the class starts but, for the moment, I can let my brain coast.

That means there is no terribly earthshaking revelations or wisdom to share in this blog today. I regret that, lately, I have not been in shape to produce more relevant and more extensive entries on our theme of positive thinking and the sub-themes of journal writing and collaboration. I suppose I will get back on track once the Peace Mission is done and all the reporting of the Mission out of the way. 

I hope that I continue to apply positive thinking, and still offer bits of insight and food for thought along the way in the daily blogging.

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