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A Year of Living Positively-Day 224

It is a very fine and full day. I went to campus this morning and dropped by my office. I found my boss in his office across the hall. Since he had wanted me to visit him, I stepped in to see him briefly. He says he has been working on campus the whole summer, and just going to the beach or mountain occasionally in his free time. Anyway, he figures he owed me a lunch since I missed the previous three department group lunches that the department pays for. He is taking me to a galbi (beef rib meat barbecue) restaurant on Thursday.
I did not find the grad school coordinator in, but I went to his department and searched its library. I found two more useful books that I can refer to in creating the grad course on curriculum development. I left the coordinator a copy of the draft course syllabus and perhaps we will be in touch later in the week.
I did a pretty good workout, increasing the tasks of the routine. I went back on the upright bike for a better cardio exercise, and I did over a hundred skips after the cycling and the jog. It felt a lot easier this week. Prior to today, it felt like my heart was going to burst out of my chest when I skipped. I increased the total number of crunches by 10—five more crunches for the diaphragm and five more for the abdomen and lower back. The back muscle has been okay, though I do notice it objecting subtly to the skipping and the backward weight-bearing lunges that I always do last to wind up the whole routine. As for the weights, I am keeping up and I have figured out how to set up the triceps press machine for triceps exercises. I am improving at the triceps exercises, too.
I usually just stay in after the workout, but today, feeling an urgent wish to get some of the travel prep out of the way, and needing milk and lunch food, I went out to do errands immediately following my shower and after putting a load of laundry in the machine. I picked up some bakery items to keep in our freezers until our return from Japan to make sure there will be some breakfast food available at home then. After that, I took out some cash at the bank where I also paid a bill. It wasn’t busy, so the teller chatted with me, I handled it pretty well—yes, in Korean. I especially wanted to make sure the phone was paid up in case I can use it in Japan so I went into the phone store next to the bank. Since I just got paid, I splurged on a full lunch at the local bakery. I had a black tea ice latter for the first time in my life, along with a sandwich and, for a special treat, a little walnut butter tart. It was all satisfying.
Today I wore a bright turquoise sundress that might be about 50 years old. It was given to my mother by her cousin after the cousin had returned from living in Malaysia. I never saw my mother wear it, but I inherited it among other things. Anyway, it is good for this climate, though it is delicate so I rarely wear it out of the house and I do not wear it often.
I still have some very old clothes, but I keep them because they are hardy, useful, and flattering. I have a shirt from the 1970s that always gets me compliments. I wear it a few times a year, and it is only a little faded. From my mom’s stuff, I have a flowered tank top and a machine crocheted bright yellow knit top from the sixties that everyone likes. They are still in good shape. In addition, I have a pair of wool socks that I got when I was in Quebec in 1978 that I still wear a few times every winter, though they have shrunk and pilled a little. Then there are vintage items I bought some 10 to 20 years ago. I mean they were vintage at the time I bought them for myself so they must be about 30 years old. For example, I have a great knit skirt that is very versatile. Also, I have a couple of jackets that I wear at work a few times every year in the fall and winter. I always receive positive remarks about them and they do not look very used, so why should I not keep them? Vintage clothing in practical colors and classic styles that are made decently can last and always look good. I could have kept more stuff, but sometimes I just give them away even though they are not worn out because I have tired of them, or I never was that comfortable with the colors and styles. True, there are times when I go through a phase; like, sometimes a feel like more colors or patterns and get tired of the neutral colors.
I feel good when I can pay a good price and get a lot of use out of something, especially when it looks good and other people admire it. I have often kept a pair of shoes for several years while most people get rid of shoes after only a year or two of use. I usually keep a decent pair of shoes or boots for at least four years. When I give up on an item that still might be useful to someone else, I like giving the things I have enjoyed to people who really appreciate it, too.
It is a push-button, throw-away world. We should resist and go for quality and durability. We should recycle as much as we can. If we appreciated our resources and all the labor that go into a product, we would not be so willing to toss it. 

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