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A Year of Living Positively-Day 223

Bah! I got the numbering of these entries mixed up again. It is hard to believe that they are rolling along so well and rapidly, that I lose track. Also, the electronic document file is getting bulky as this current volume fills up. which makes it hard to keep on track as far as the numbering of each blog entry goes.
I am feeling really good today. In fact, I feel delighted with myself and life. I do not know why, really, except for the success of my ongoing projects. Also, I suppose that I feel more connected with people again, after a few weeks of relatively reclusive living.
I just had an enjoyable meal. I had cold coho salmon and boiled broccoli and sweet potato left over from yesterday, plus a mushroom and green onion omelet with a sliced tomato and a spicy gherkin. It was a combination that worked. Moreover, that kind of food was good cold, except for the omelet, of course.
A gamer friend turned me onto a cute new game on the internet. I am now breeding fighting dragons. The player has to keep feeding the dragons after dragon homes, farms and breeding grounds have been built. One’s own adult dragons can challenge the dragons of other players to combats. Furthermore, a player can increase the stock by breeding couples and hatching eggs. It is amusing for the moment.
I wanted to try a new game but I did not want to get very involved in a complicated and time-consuming computer game. The ads for a farm game keep enticing me; after I enjoyed my first farming game for two years, it got too big a daily enterprise, so I deleted the game, and I fear that embarking upon a new farm game might drag me into the same kind of commitment.
No, I do not have anything more important to say today. I did a little work, called my family and just amused myself.
As for the work, I studied Korean for about an hour. In addition to that, I got a big chore done; after procrastinating about it for a month, I finally hand-washed some black fabric articles. I have traditional style Korean pants made of cotton that must be washed in cold water by hand, and a top that I often wear with them. I do not enjoy washing them. The pants being bigger and heavier than the usual kind of thing that I wash by hand, I was reluctant to wash them and abandoned them for too long but I got it done at long last.
I started a to-do list to make sure that I get all the necessary tasks done in preparation for my trip. I leave in only a week! I should get my hair done this week. Also, I have to meet at least three people in three separate meetings. Because I’ll have a guest and I am going to have him stay in J’s room, I need to prepare the room for him. I have started that. I also want to have some food safely stored for both of us. I bought him some juice, tea and crackers; I’ll get some bread to freeze, and some cheese or eggs or something that will keep in the fridge until we get there.
I think I’ll take him for an easy walk on the mountain, if he likes walking. It is an easy walk to the famous ancient Beomeo Temple. Also, he’d enjoy taking the cable car up for the view and a shortish walk, I am sure. Maybe I shouldn’t suggest the mineral springs spa because people go nude in the spa, and he might feel very uncomfortable even wearing a bathing suit. Maybe I can introduce him to one of my neighbours, a colleague who is close to his age and also American, if the colleague is around. Too bad the beaches are so darned far from here. Well, he’ll probably want to go souvenir shopping. I’ll take him to Nampo-dong for that.
I arranged for him to stay with the people of the migrant workers center in Metro Seoul on his last night. There, he can stay in a house and he might find it interesting. That means he’ll just be in Busan with me for two days and nights. Anyway, the place is run by church people and S is a practicing Christian, so it might work well.

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