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A Year of Living Positively-Day 222

Weather reports said it was 30 degrees Celsius outside when it reached 34 with the windows open at home. I went out to a local supermarket and carried two bags of food back up the hill to my place, returning totally drenched in sweat after only about 40 minutes outside late in the morning. I am so dependent on the air con these days.
While out to get groceries, I decided to pick up some non-perishable items to stow in J’s apartment as supplies for S when he gets here after the Japan trip. It looks like he’s stay over for two days, and that I’ll have to escort him around during that time. However, the Filipinos I know will take him in for his last night in Korea. They have a community center just outside Seoul proper.
When I put a container of juice in the fridge, I discovered that J had left the fridge full of perishable items. That discovery really ticked me off. She told me about the potatoes and onions in the cupboard, and the fish in the freezer, but not about all the vegetables inside the refrigerator box. Since they have been there for about a month, they were putrefying so I had to remove all of it and go dump it in the food garbage bin, then clean out the fridge. Damn her! She is lazy and assuming. Maybe she thought she’d be doing me a favor and figured I’d like the surprise, but I did not interpret the situation like that. For one thing, a lot of the stuff was not to my liking and I would not have eaten a lot of it. She over –stocked her stores and expected I would just take care of it. She is too self-involved. She can be manipulative or a bit under-handed. She has a habit of always trying to dump chores and responsibilities on others. With respect to our relationship, I do not like what it tells me that she thinks of me by making certain assumptions and leaving grunge work for me. If she actually listened to me and offered real understanding and help to me sometimes, I wouldn’t mind this kind of situation. She is too much interested in taking the stage and getting the attention for that, though.
It is disappointing to recognize that she is not a candidate to be a close friend to me. She is close to my age and from my hometown, yet I think that we would clash as close friends. It is such a shame.
I should face it, and step back. Then I could be light –hearted and she wouldn’t get to me.
Anyway…I realized today that it has been a year since I visited the Northeastern States and went to the World Fellowship Center in New Hampshire for part of my holidays with my friend, IL. I did appreciate that place and I had a wonderful time there. They have lodges at a lakeside close to a national park out on some old farmland, and they hold health, ecology and political seminars and offer a full recreational program. That is where I first met S and learned about his cause. Yes, that is the guy who is coming here next week. He said he is at the WF Center again to give a talk on the problems with nuclear energy this very weekend.
Actually, he is talking to the WFC organizers about our alliance and the Peace Mission which resulted from the encounter at the lodge last year. He also says he’ll talk to the media. He always says he is praising me to the skies and giving my name to the media, which I wish he would not do.
Here is what I told him to say to the WFC organizers and participants. “You can point out that I attended the WFC as an individual who is a friend and guest of a longtime member (Ilene Lerner of Massechussets) but that I was on a break from a tour of Canada to speak about the danger of war and the need for solidarity for peace and reunification in Korea. The speaking tour of Canada lead to the formation of a solidarity network across Canada, the Canadian Solidarity Network for Peace and Reunification of Korea (CanSolKor) that was established by October, 2013. In Korea, TEA-KOR participates in the ILPS Korea Solidarity Discussion group of ILPS organizations and friends in South Korea.”
 I added this following commentary, just for S’ eyes and ears, not those of the WFC. “Yes, it would be a positive thing for the WFC to see that people can use their WF Conference to collaborate and create important activities that facilitate education and action on peoples' concerns. They should be encouraged to host and facilitate collaborative activities and use the occasion to express solidarity, rather than restrain themselves in fear.” I found the WFC to be kind of lame with respect to taking responsibility to help make political and social action happen.
I tried to get the organizers to give me some speaking time. They ignored my email message sent a couple of weeks before I went to the camp, and they were not very helpful at the camp. They agreed to give me space, but did not tell people about it.
For the media, here is what I asked S to tell them. “Opposition to war in the US and elsewhere is dreadfully weak and look what is happening around the world in the meantime. It needs to reawaken and get back into gear. Gatherings like the WFC can help.”

Actually, I remember thinking that it was refreshing to meet a passionate soul like S there at the WFC. He struck me as one of the few people there who had a fire in his belly and was driven by concern and compassion to try to make change happen. Despite his age (around 70, I guess), he had a lot more life to him than many of his peers there, those not so far afflicted with illness and aging but who have either given up or become indifferent or lax. For the latter, causes are a matter of identity and lifestyle. They are part of the fake left and they leave me with a bad taste in my mouth. I am not talking about the ones who have given 120% on causes and community service and socially redeeming professions and have burnt themselves out so that they need to rest now. I am talking about the ones mainly motivated by self-interest who maintain a lefty image and talk the talk but stuff their faces, live in palaces, and build themselves and their property, sending their kids to elite schools and whatnot. Yeah, Stephen burns bright beside their fading or dull glow, even though a lot of his contacts are right-wingers. I guess he just wants to get the job done and does not think in terms of right or left. He tolerates and associates with both, it seems. Interesting.

Well, though I am not feeling very hungry, the vegetables have been boiled and I should get on with cooking the salmon and making a little salad. I guess my appetite has been suppressed because I have been sipping on a little plum wine.

I found two more comments on this blog site today, by the way.

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