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A Year of Living Positively-Day 221

Today began with some excitement because I found a message from the Japan organizers telling me how the program of the international peace mission has evolved. I was also informed that we will have an additional international participant. With the update, I had some coordinating tasks to take care of I spent a few hours passing the revised and expanded program around and doing a bit of promotion.
I also had to spend time communicating with a participant about the logistics of his visit to Korea. I learned he had not followed my advice to reserve a hotel room, and now the place that I recommended, which would be best suited to an English speaking newcomer with little travel experience, is fully booked. I searched another hotel and I hope he books it. This is the advocate who seems to be a dummy when it comes to organization.
The first activity of the evolving peace mission program is a visit to a farming area in my region. On this visit, we are to talk to local people opposed to the construction of power transmission towers in their area. The towers are to support lines from a nuclear power station. I have heard of this struggle and have been wanting to go to that area to see what is happening. Now I have the opportunity and I am trying to coax others from Busan to go with me and the Seoul group. That is why I made a couple of notices and posted them on the internet.
I feel bolstered by this good news and getting more of the coordinating tasks done. I was beginning to feel slightly ill at ease without any more knowledge. Now I am able to show everyone who has been hearing about the mission how it is shaping up and exactly what activities we’ll do and where we will do them. I think it will impress people. Since Black Friday, I believe that people are waking up to the realization that they have to get back into gear and press onward with the peace activism. In this context, our mission probably appears all the more relevant to onlookers who perhaps thought that it was not close to their living reality.
This afternoon, feeling stronger, I went to do a full workout at the fitness center. I even extended the workout, adding one hundred skips between the cycling and jogging, and increasing the weight and number of some of the presses. For example, my arms and pectorals have been extremely week, but now I can do the butterfly presses at 15kg 15 times.
Back at home, I cooked a nectarine compote and it turned out perfectly. I had it after some sautéed chicken breast to eat with the remainder of last night’s vegetable curry. It was a delicious and satisfying meal.
Last night, I was bored in the apartment, so I finally got the musical keyboard out of the bag and tried playing some the of the music that one of my students copied for me in June. It and the music have been sitting in J’s empty apartment since she left on summer vacation. Well, I played a couple of the pieces, and better than expected considering that I have not played at all in about three years and hardly at all in more than seven years. I patted myself on the back for having showed myself that I still have some skill and musicality. A couple of the arrangements are two difficult for me, but there are others to try, Moreover, I intend to try printing out free musical scores from the internet. I especially want to play the theme from the Godfather and the theme from the Lion King (“Can’t you feel the love tonight?”) because I am very attracted to those melodies. Hopefully, I can get a better print-out than I did the last time I tried. I can’t read the last set of print-outs. It is good to know that I still get pleasure from playing as lacking as my competence is. When I am on the computer a lot, working and writing, though, I do not feel like sitting down at another keyboard.

Well, I am feeling quite drowsy. I have been awake past midnight for the last couple of nights but I still wake up before six-thirty. Hopefully, after a full day, I can sleep better tonight.

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