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A Year of Living Positively-Day 219

I get these days when the ground seems to tremble beneath my feet and I feel mentally scattered and uncertain. They come around every few weeks or so. Today was one of them, but I feel better now.
I added that topic to Confessions under the title, “Nervous Nelly.” Including that topic with the two that I mentioned in this blog yesterday, I thus made three entries to that document this morning.
After lunch, I went to the gym although I did a very light workout today because a lower back muscle is bothering me. It seems to be strained, but I do not know how. It was more of a problem when I was lying down in bed and turning or trying to raise myself up out of bed. It was not actually very painful, but it seemed like it might have become very painful had I zigged or zagged or jerked my body in a way it did not like, so I was very careful. It improved throughout the day, so I decided to go ahead with a workout but I just did some cycling and power walking to be on the safe side. I kept the treadmill pace at no more than level 4.5 because shifting to a higher pace seemed to irritate it slightly.
The guys at the gym started talking to me today for the first time. I am referring to the staff—the fitness center is run by students. Those guys seemed very sweet. They greeted me with, “Hi, teacher! How are you?” I smiled back and said fine, but I explained that the back muscle was hurting so I just wanted to cycle and walk today. The leader, a tall handsome young trainer, offered to massage the muscle to see if it would feel better but the massage was uncomfortable so I stopped him.
Anyway, at least I felt that I was in a more normal state upon my return to the apartment.
I have been trying to think of more topics related to journal writing, positive thinking or collaboration, and I thought of one. I want to write about collaboration in personal romantic relationships. I do not feel up to the task today, though. I think I have to chew on it more in order to have something juicy to say about it.
By the way, I was searching for speakers for the local KOTESOL seminar series when I received a request to speak from a teacher who has been speaking on positive thinking. It calls it the “self-efficacy” approach, so I’ll have to tell you about it later. He is not speaking until September 20.
I may write some more today, but I intend to skip the studying, since we had a class yesterday. I was not as prepped as I could have been but it went well enough. Actually, the tutor praised me. She thinks I am gifted at language and that I will progress rapidly if I keep up the study from here on in. That’s an exciting and happy prospect, after all the years on and off of trying and getting frustrated. I am enjoying the online classes and the programming seems just right for me. I am actually conversing! We do free conversation each week. Right now, I have a good speaking partner too; she is a young teacher living in Melbourne, Australia who hails from California. While she may be a lot younger, she is an interesting and smart woman to talk with as is E, our tutor.

Since I was feeling kind of dopey with the heat yesterday afternoon, I did not study as much as I had intended. I had a mug full of coffee an hour before the lesson, which kept me awake longer than normal today, as was to be expected. It was worth it to have a good lesson all the same.

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