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A Year of Living Positively-Day 218

The sky is clear again today and the sun is starting to scorch us. I went out for errands then back up to the campus, wearing a wide-brimmed hat and trying to stay in the shade as much as possible. My body feels heavy with the heat and humidity, as it usually does in this region at this time of year. That is why I usually organize myself to get away and escape it. 

I have to hang in and bear it. I should be studying for the Korean class tonight, but the weather makes me feel indolent. I may have to have coffee after dinner and buckle down to it. I have been through this particular lesson, but I need to review and be prepared for the free conversation part of the lesson.

Instead of studying earlier in the day, I did some household chores like re-potting a plant, scrubbing out part of the bathroom and putting through a load of laundry. Then I went down the street to pay bills and pick up more grocery items. I was especially in a hurry to buy more of the fruit vinegar from which I make a delicious light cold drink. That vinegar drink helps me tolerate the heat and functions to prevent reactions to contaminated food that are so common in this region at this time of year. That is why it is sold in large quantities during the summer months; in fact, it is a traditional summer drink here. I guess you would call it a sour cordial.

At work, I found a better photocopier in a department that is actually responsible for paying for the copying for graduate courses. I said the machine there was better, but it too was acting up. It kept halting and signalling a paper-jam when no paper had gotten jammed. Getting it to resume the copying required opening and shutting its compartment doors, and resetting it, or even turning it off and then on again. I went through this process several times and gave up after an hour of the nonsense. Regardless of the difficulties, I managed to copy lecture materials up to the ninth week of the course, including another handout for students. 

As for other tasks of the job, some activities were thwarted because the local area network server was down. Well, I am guessing that because only a black page appeared when I tried using one browser, and an almost blank white page appeared when I tried using the alternate browser. I could therefore not open up any website. I suppose some upgrading is going on so that the syllabus input can soon be done for we are usually asked to input the course syllabuses around the end of July. There are always problems with this system. The construction of the new system that was made for the new campus last winter has never been satisfactory.

Anyway, the computer was still functioning, meaning that I could still type up documents. I was therefore able to work on the class quizzes. I finished drafting all of them. 

I thought of two new topics for the Confessions opus: my experience at shoe stores and laundromats. Since the work of preparing the grad course is winding down, except for more photocopying, I'll probably have more energy and time to write more anecdotes for the Confessions project, and do a good job of it. One of my short term goals, after all, is to complete more of that project this summer.

I also intend to finish more poetry. I am even more motivated as of yesterday because I learned that a poetry website is currently seeking submissions. I am going to try to create something new to submit before I leave for Japan, although it is permissible to submit older material, even previously published material.

I have been thinking that I would not be able to concentrate more on my projects and get so much done were I in an intimate relationship. Having a partner would be very time and energy-consuming, especially as the female. The partner would have to give me a lot of space, be fairly quiet, and willing to adopt more of the traditional feminine role to handle my wandering attention. 

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