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A Year of Living Positively-Day 217

My body is a little tired, including my back, this evening because of an ambitious exercise work-out done this afternoon. I am working on more cardio stuff. For example, I went on the upright stationary bike machine, with requires more pushing and raises the heart rate over 110. Then, I raised the incline on the treadmill slightly, so that I was running above level seven. I have not run at more than level seven in any of my previous work-outs in my life but I have been finding the available selection of programmed routines on the treadmill machine to be limited and not challenging enough for me, so I raised it today. It was not the jog that worked the body more. I am sure it was the skipping. I am making skipping part of my routine. Having planned to do it before I went to the gym today, I forgot about it at the gym until after I had done the treadmill thing. It is much harder to do the skipping after both the cycling and treadmill sessions for obvious reasons. From now on, I’ll fit it in between the bike ride and the jog, which will be much healthier and sensible.
I worked up on campus again today. After a nice lunch of a pasta and spinach salad with tuna, followed by a few scoops of luscious cantaloupe, I made my way through the forest trail and beyond to my office. It was a perfectly blue sunny day, a rare thing in Korea in the summer. In the office, I continued making all the Power Point slides for the grad course lectures. I copied more handouts for the students, too, so that most of them are copied and set aside now. Lastly, I typed up the draft syllabus and my teacher’s lecture plan with annotations of the sources for each lecture. All that remains for me to prepare, consequently, are the rest of the quizzes and my detailed lecture notes. I even am starting to conceptualize the final exam. It feels good to have such a productive day of work and to have gotten so many of those grad course prepping tasks out of the way.
It would be nice if the photocopier in the English department office were functioning properly. For one thing, I have borrowed library books and I cannot keep them for the long haul. I need to copy the sections that I am using but I cannot get much done these days. The office staff have not made efforts to resolve the problem since they print things out from their computers, when entails operating only part of the paper path inside the machine. The humidity probably has badly affected that machine, but, since it appears that the copiers in other offices seem to be working better, I believe that our machine needs a cleaning. I asked the staff to have the maintenance worker come to the office to clean it out. Actually, though, I should be doing it on the grad school budget, because all the copying is not for the English Division office. I’ll have to find out where I can find the TESOL grad school copier. (That’s a note to self.)
A lot of my colleagues were around but not showing their faces as they apparently were in meetings in their offices. I guess there is some development and decision-making going on for the fall semester and that is probably why they were in conference.

At home, I managed to get nearly an hour of more study done for the Korean class. I am studying next week’s lesson. Tomorrow night, I have a class on the last lesson I tackled. Today, I decided to keep going at a pace of one lesson ahead so that I can keep up with the course week over the period when I will be away in Japan. I will not be able to study while I am in Japan, and I will miss one online practice session for the week I am away, and I return to Busan just one day before the subsequent lesson. It will be better to have prepared early so that I do not make an ass of myself during the lesson on August 12.

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