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A Year of Living Positively-Day 216

I have no ideas today. I have been thinking very little today.
I got up at around eight. It was not raining but I skipped the hike that I had originally signed up for because the host has been unreliable lately. I just stayed inside all day, vegging for a lot of it.
I studied Korean lessons for two hours. I called home and I called “uncle” in the US. I cooked a little. I watched too much TV. I was flipping back and forth between the action stuff and LPGA marathon golf tournament coverage. Many Korean women are competing, so there is extensive repetitive and detailed coverage of those games.
I watched a light-hearted fun action movie with the Cruise called “Night and Day”. It showed both him and his co-star, Cameron Diaz off well, especially considering that they must have been in their mid-forties when they filmed it but executed a lot of difficult action scenes well. I applaud. This evening, I interrupted the golf to make a turkey vegetable stir-fry with rice and catch an episode of Hawaii 5-O. I like this remake of the 5-0 series because of four reasons: there is a quick and direct solution to each crime, the atmosphere is sunny and straight, the characters multi-ethnic and all equally powerful, and I enjoy watching James Caan’s son who sounds and acts very much like his dad and his dad’s peers of the American cinema. I also caught the end of “Shawshenk Redemption”, one of my all-time favorite movies, which I have probably seen about 10 times. In addition, I was fortunate to catch an old episode of “Cold Case”, one of my very favorite TV shows of all time that I admire for its 20 century period costumes and set, the humanist treatment, the storytelling and sensitive dramatizations of the memories of situations that the cold case detectives stir up. A lot of good actors are used to show victims and their associations at younger and older ages. Though it is a good expose of the complexities and tragedies of modern life, it always ends on an optimistic note with the spirit of the victim appearing in the last scene.
“Uncle” has not been on my mind at all for over a month; I forgot about him in that time. I was wondering how he would respond when I called, but it was okay. He was not sad or upset about it. In fact, he was in a good mood and distracted by a lot of attention that his family is giving him these days. He is happy because there was a family reunion in his town, and his brother is staying in the area for a couple of weeks. Also, he remembered that I planned to travel in June. He asked me about my trip right away.
Speaking of which, it is only about two weeks away from my trip to Japan. I think everything is in order. I have faith. I am wondering whether the activists will interrupt their plans to show opposition to Israel’s invasion of Gaza. God, I hope that Israel stops long before August arrives.

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