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A Year of Living Positively-Day 207

S writes to me too much. I therefore do not get around to reading all of his communications. I deliberately ignored his latest one, but I opened it accidentally while clearing out extraneous messages from that email account.

He obviously is developing an attachment to this woman he met once and knows only through a focused online correspondence about a political and social cause that we share an interest in. His messages give me the impression that his view of society and his scope of contacts are kind of narrow. He wants to parade my association with him around by dropping my name and showing off the solidarity I wrote to the government of his country. Why is he not in touch with quite a few individuals "like me"? My organization and name do not carry much influence, so it seems odd, not to mention the fact that I am uncomfortable with him zeroing on me and flaunting my name before the media and authorities. Has he not received quite a few solidarity letters in all his 28 years of activism? He seems unconnected with circles of progressive activism in his own country. It is puzzling because he lives in a very active area in the northeastern United States where there are many well known knowledgeable experts and strong organizations. I think it is because he probably spends (wastes) most of his time talking to government officials and the media.

I wonder how he pictures me? Besides the gender thing, or mainly because of the gender thing in conventional terms, he seems me as somebody doing him a service. Sometimes, it seems as though he does not realize that I have a lot of associations and involvements and work to do. After setting up a speaking gig for him to talk about his cause in my city, and doing a little promotion online, he replied thanking me "for everything I am doing for him." He oozed gratitude to me and "the Lord." 

I am holding back my response, but I want to rebut his line of thinking. I want to say something like this. We are doing this thing in cooperation and coordination with several other people, although I am the face and voice of us all to him. Collaboration is a superior methodology. Moreover, we are doing this for the good of society and the welfare of the people including ourselves who are in danger. As well, I am not doing that much other than sitting at the computer sharing information and advising him, which I do for tons of people. I am an educator, after all. Also, this is the kind of thing that people in solidarity and support organizations do. This is my world. It is perfectly normal and not out of the ordinary. Besides, I have some skills. I do not understand why this guy who has been concentrating on this ONE issue for nearly 30 years does not have, apparently, better skills and a better presentation. Why does he not have a better summary and promotional description of his cause and organization? Why is he not using multimedia much more? Why does he just spew out reams of detail instead of organizing his ideas better, especially for familiarizing others with his issue and work? Why hasn't he made international contacts on this major international issue before? You'd think, given his concern about nuclear power, that he would have been to Hiroshima before! 

It all casts a shadow of doubt over this guy. I do not have a clear picture of his associations. I think he has been doing a lot of his agitating as a one-man show, aside from forming a group to protect whistle blowers once he had fleshed some of them out into the open. I supposed he was obligated to help them, that is the scientists and officials in the field of nuclear energy. He said he got into a law suit for many years and was challenged by the government for a long time. That could be a valid reason for not acting very openly, but, come on. If his work is good, his research valid, his position solid and just, then there would be others around him. I am a little wary. 

Well, I am committed to the peace mission and to facilitating his trip here. In Japan, he'll just be one of the visitors and we'll all be following our hosts. In Seoul, he'll be left to the care of the Koreans there or his own devices. We may travel from Japan to Korea together and I'll only spend a day with him in this city.

It is a beautiful clear and sunny day with lower humidity today--a nice change.  I had a great workout. Before that, I studied Korean for nearly three hours. I'm going to have eggs and fried potatoes for dinner, and sit back and relax this evening.

Oh, I want to mention one more thing about my day. Somebody bought a copy of my e-book of poems called, “On the Move.”

By the way, I checked the blog activity report and found that Day 205 received over 550 views! That is the one with the lyrics to “Simple Song of Freedom” by Bobby Darin, and I am sure that that high number of views is from searches related to that song and Darin.

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