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A Year of Living Positively-Day 204

My first Korean class of Level Three starts in just under one-and-a-half hours. I studied for a few hours today and a few hours yesterday. I have thus completed the lesson, but I feel I have not really processed it adequately in preparation for the conversation practice session. Having just looked over my notes and listened to the audio files several more times, I feel fidgety rather than confident. To be better prepared next time, I must start a few days before the next online practice session instead of cramming for two days before it.

When I was young, I learned the piano. 저는 오릴떼 피안오 배왔아요.
When it rains, I like to stay at home and watch TV. 저는 비가 올떼 집에서 TV를 보는걸 좋아해요.
It seems that it is going to be stormy again tomorrow. 내일도 푹풍이 됄 곳 캍아요.
When I exercise, I sweat a lot. 나는 운동할떼 땀이 많이 나요.
There are times when it is very noisy at home. 재집에서 너무 시끄라울떼가 있아요.
I like to play many kinds of sports. 저는 많이 스퍼즈를 하는걸 좋아해요.
I am an active person. 나는 적극적인 사람이예요.
I work out at the fitness center three times a week. 저는 일주일에 피트네쓰 센터에서 세 번 씩 운동해요.
I work out for about three hours a week. 나는 일주일에 한 새 시간 운동해요.
I have been working out for ten days. 운동은 지는 한 열흘 정도 했아요.
How much do you pay to work out at the fitness center? 피트네쓰 샌터에서 온동하는 데 얼마나 들어요?
The campus fitness center is not expensive. You get a good discount at the BUFS fitness center. So, when I pay by cash for the membership, I pay about 40,000 won a month. 캄퍼쓰 피트네쓰 샌터에서 별로 안 비싸요. 여기 부산외대에서는 할인 많이 해주건는요. 그래서현금으로 끊으면 한 달에 사만 원 정도요.
What hobbies do you do? 췸이가 뫄예요?
I like working out because it seems to keep me fit and slim. 나는 운동하는걸 좋아한니까 건강에도 좋고 또 날씬해지는 것 같아요.
There are times when I just stay at home. 그냥 집에 가만히 있을떼가 있어요.

We had quite a rain storm today because a typhoon has made its way north bound from the Philippines region and hit Japan this afternoon. More stormy weather is expected tonight.

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