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A Year of Living Positively-Day 201

I was really looking forward to the hike along the mountain stream and a cool dip at the waterfalls today, but that hike did not happen. C, our leader, was late arriving but that was not the reason. No, the fault is the nasty woman of the Daytrippers group, the one I was in conflict with last winter that caused me to separate from Daytrippers because she and her coworker planned a second event in the name of the group on the same day that I had already planned an event in the name of the group and announced some weeks earlier, without discussing things with me despite the fact that they knew me fairly well by then. She was up to her old tricks and decided to sabotage C’s event today, because she had opted to call for a hike today, the same day.
How it happened was that C had planned the mountain stream hike for tomorrow, Sunday the 6, but the weather forecasts kept changing all week prior to that date and, for a couple of days last week, said there would be thundershowers on Sunday, so C changed the hike from Sunday to today, Saturday the 5. In the meantime, and after C had already announced his Sunday event a couple of weeks ago, that woman decided to call for the hike on Saturday earlier this week. (She had even joined C’s Sunday event as a “maybe” participant.) C inadvertently changed the date of his hike to fall on the day of the Daytrippers’ hike. Well, so what? You know what, there may be many different events happening in this city on any given day, believe it or not! The stream event was a different kind of event that the routine city climb that Daytrippers had announced. That woman complained when she learned that C’s event was planned for the day of the event she had organized, intervening on his Facebook event page and calling around to get C and others ( except me of course) to give up the mountain stream hike. Two of us were still game and preferred the stream and waterfalls gig, but that woman agitated against it and called C to complain against him. He turned around and went home, no doubt demoralized by the inappropriate and snotty intervention. That was really an egotistical and bitchy thing for the Daytrippers leader to do. It spoiled an outing that at least three people were hoping to do.
After waiting for C to no avail for about one-and-half-hours, and having gotten back onto the subway train on his request to meet him elsewhere, C did not show. I made friends with the other woman waiting and we went to explore the Dongnae-gu historic area, walking through the area past the traditional market, up by the ancient tombs and archaeological dig, then up to the ridge for a view and lunch. She was not very energetic, it turned out, and neither was I because I did a full work-out yesterday. We were both mostly interested in taking a dip in the stream on a hot day, actually. Therefore, we did not dally very far, and turned around soon after our sack lunch up by the reconstructed fortress wall in the park.
We both agreed that it was a good day in spite of the mix-up and failure to connect with C. It was good getting to know Erin, for one thing, plus it had been a while since I had visited the Dongnae historic fortress area and it was a pleasure seeing it again.
That is why I am back home reposing at my apartment this afternoon and have a chance to write this blog earlier in the day than usual. Having planned a whole day out, I have no other plan for activities at home today.

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