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A Year of Living Positively-Day 197

I have another great day to log in. In the morning, I stayed home and handled some communications about the Japan trip, aside from the usual puttering. I looked into airline tickets for Japan. I warned up some potato curry with tofu for an early lunch because I had a couple of appointments in the afternoon and wanted to go out in good time.
First, I wanted to go see a travel agent about getting a deal on a multi-city return trip. A technical obstacle prevented me from getting the best “web price”, and it seemed like seats were filling up already, so I thought it would be best to consult a travel agent this time. With two appointments later in the afternoon, I needed to get an early start.
I have not been using travel agents in Korea. I have been buying tickets online. After I got ripped off the last time I did that, on my trip to Europe, I have been considering dealing directly with airlines or finding a travel agent. I supposed that I could easily find one in the Pusan National University area, so I took a bus over there just before 12:30. Not seeing one before I got off, I set out to make a tour in search of one. Over one hour later, however, I had still not found one. I was sitting with a cold drink cooling off, having given up the search and trying to decide whether to carry on via subway train or get back on a bus, when a thought struck me. I imagined it would be pretty funny if I went back to the bus stop where I disembarked and discovered a travel agency right there near the stop. Deciding it best to take a bus, I went back there and, sure enough, there was a travel agency about 20 meters from the bus stop! Actually, it did not seem so funny at the time, as it was a pretty humid and warm day out there, and not pleasant roaming along the crowded, dirty and noisy streets. Anyway, now I have my ticket to Japan!
I had a follow-up appointment with the ENT doctor. He said I have healed, though he still wants me to keep using the ear drops. I just put in some drops a few minutes ago.
Next on the agenda was a business meeting with the local KOTESOL officers. It went well. We agreed to go ahead with a July members’ meeting, but make it short and casual. We have three presenters to talk about teaching tips and experiences, including yours truly. (I’ll need to prepare a decent but short presentation.) Also, we are set to accept the nomination of a single candidate to take over my old position of Vice-President of the Chapter. We need the July meeting to make it an official vote even if it is only by acclamation. Next, we discussed the fall schedule and set the monthly meeting dates and tossed around ideas for good speakers. Lastly, we discussed the international conference of KOTESOL that is to take place in early October. It is being done differently and at an exhibition center this time. We strategised about our participation and encouraging members to go there.

This group of officers is quite nice. We indulged in a lot of small talk then went for a bite together. Two of them were in the mood for some fast food, so I broke my own personal rule and joined them. I have been craving a hot dog lately, and I got one with good old American style mustard instead of the sweetened bland stuff you usually get in Korea. It was quite satisfying. 

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