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A Year of Living Positively-Day 195

Writing for a Change
To you, history might have a different meaning
Not the perspective to which I’m leaning
You might want to point out great men
Or talk about facts that fate may open
I look at who has the powers
Who lives up in the gilded towers
And who is languishing under the whip
While some of others’ labor and blood sip
And out of oppression indulge in delight
Unfeeling champions of archaic birth right
Allied in defense of the right of might
I write for a change
I know what you do
--It’s the same ol’ same old
A story much too often told
Then framed in words of progress and glory
Creativity, to you, is telling lies
Colouring evil with tints and dyes
Dressing up crimes with pretty bow ties
Masking hatred with sweet apple pies
I write for a change
It is an alternative to find an alternative
A brand new modern way for the people to live
What’s happening to whom?
Push aside your media to make room
For the voices of the majority
To communicate their priority
To build a conscientious community
And do away with the notion of impunity
Regarding your crimes against humanity
And all the rest of your bloody insanity
I write for a change
Me, I want to honour the Other
Take sides with my sister and brother
Unite in struggle for a fresh start
Do what we can with the tools of our art:
Investigate and agitate
A new world help to instigate;
I want to create to assist in building the “we”
And serve to say what “we” see
The people are a burgeoning story
Headed for a grand redeeming glory
They have a lot to tell
Patrimony they would never sell
Memory and dream are sacred treasure
Wealth that one could never measure
They have the resources to create the new
They’ve already shown what they can do
But what they’ll make won’t be owned by you
Take that big fact and give it a good chew
June 29, 2014 

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