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A Year of Living Positively-Day 193

The brain has not been functioning well. I thought I had sufficient sleep, but apparently not because I have felt doped up. My head was so unclear that I goofed up in making a payment at the bank and handling some change at the store. Well, part of the problem was not eating enough in the morning. Once I had a couple of “pizza bagels” at a local bakery, I felt better indeed. Still, though, I did not feel sharp all day.
I was a bit listless again today, though I completed an editing job and did the blog in the morning. I tried lying down for an hour in the afternoon, but I don’t think I slept at all.
Y was in one of her needy frame of minds and kept contacting me. When she is like this she feigns needing help with this but she just wants attention. She tends to launch into lengthy anecdotes about her life in the middle of the conversation, which is annoying and can be boring. Also, she wants to smoke when I visit her in her room, not having the patience to wait until I am gone, so that I begin to feel uncomfortable from the smoke and leave the place smelling like a thousand cigarettes. Today, I had just showered, but returned to my room after visiting her feeling mucky. My dress reeked. Though I have only warn it a couple of times since I last washed it, I had to put in the laundry basket after my visit yesterday. Y knows that I have low tolerance for cigarette smoke, even though I enjoy having a leisurely recreational cigarette now and then, but she smokes right in front of me. Then she complains about the smoke left behind. There is therefore, no point in me saying anything, for she knows full well it is a problem. I might say something about her rambling anecdotes that interfere with conversation, though.
We both had to give oral tests until about nine o’clock last night. Since I was a bit thick in the brick, I did not get through the testing as quickly as I know I can. For one thing, I kept getting hung up on the calculations of scores. Wow. I thought I determined scores quickly. There was a wait between each individual test, and some test participants lingered to talk about study tips or make pleas for good scores. Actually, we did the tests in pretty good time and left at the usual hour, considering past experiences with these Friday night tests.
Y and I walked home together and bought beverages at the convenience store on the way with a view to relaxing on the balcony for a while before turning in for the night. Though the night air was very pleasant, and the mosquitoes absent, Y’s rambling exasperated me and started to give me a headache.

It took me quite a while to get to sleep, after all. I woke up with quite a headache, which is really unusual for me. I even went so far as to try to remedy the problem by taking a Tylenol tablet. It helped.

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