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A Year of Living Positively -Day 192

I felt the same way by the late afternoon, but I felt obligated to go out because the apartment building group had planned to go out to dinner together. With some others withdrawing from this social event, and me being its ringleader, I felt that I had to stick with it and go. I felt sleepy by ten o’clock when we were returning home but it took a long time to get to sleep because we had indulged in an exotic coffee after the dinner and we got home after eleven.
By the time I settled in and had watched a little TV, I was tired but did not fall asleep for more than an hour despite how I had been feeling before we went out. Well, the TV show was an action suspense drama (“Breaking Bad”) and the final episode of a season, so it was exciting. It is not the ideal sort of bedtime program if you are trying to wind down and get drowsy. It is fascinating, however, being about the large-scale crystal meth industry in the southwestern States.
This morning, I woke up around seven o’clock and have been finding it difficult to completely wake up. I have had my Synthroid and antibiotic pills along with my coffee. I know eating breakfast would help, but I just don’t like eating in the morning, no matter how hungry I feel. Sometimes breakfast is dragged out to noon, and lunch becomes the tail end of breakfast; that is what happened yesterday. Of course, that situation leads to drowsiness by the afternoon.
The ear infection is clearing up. I find it unnecessary to take the Tylenol that was prescribed to me. However, I think it is still making me feel like sleeping more than usual.
I have to work tonight giving the FLAT oral test to professional government employees. The testing begins after seven o’clock this evening. Y is one of the testers this time around.

Dinner out was a blast. In the end only five of the group showed up: Y and I with three of the guys. S, the elder of the guys, has led an adventurous life and is quite interesting to talk with. The other two have widely different backgrounds though we all share an avid interest in travel, a pretty good imagination and culture. One of them had been riding his bike around town and met us at the Vietnamese restaurant where we enjoyed a tasty feast, each of us trying a different main dish. We finished up with a thick French pressed expresso served with evaporated milk, which we mixed then poured over ice. Delicious! It being quite a distance from our abode, we took public transit together to get back home.

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sfsfsdf on May-17-18 10:47 PM
atleast one of you would call me, even just for conversation.' You, can 'google' my name, and you'll get my phone number.' I would post it, but that A'hole that stole my email, would atleast one of you would call me, even just for conversation.' You, can 'google' my name, and you'll get my phone number.' I would post it, but that A'hole that stole my email, would
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