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A Year of Living Positively-Day 191

I am feeling run down from the infection and a full day’s work. I went to campus to work on the paper reports, writing all the numbers by hand. Some calculations had to be re-examined, but fortunately they worked out. I finished all the paper work and turned it in by 4:30.
I went to the job interview midway through the afternoon. I did not get a good feeling about it. They do not have a clear concept and their approach to interviewing lacking. There was no ice-breaking like an introduction or small talk. They have my resume but they immediately started asking me about my experience working with children, which immediately put me on the defensive. They know that kind of experience is limited and that I have been a university instructor for a long time. I left and heard the guy sigh behind me.
I ended up staying to long on campus because I felt compelled to start working on the syllabuses. They will ask us to upload them around the end of July, but I wanted to start thinking about it particularly because it will take some preparation to come up with a good syllabus for the composition class. It is supposed to carry forward the work of the spring semester composition class into the fall semester. To me, that means getting students to write real essays. How much should they be required to write and how big should I require the assignments to be? That is my main question at this point. I looked over the text book and tossed around some ideas. I created a draft syllabus for the composition class and the fall conversation class for freshmen. It was getting close to seven o’clock when I emerged from the work.
When I got home, there was a discussion among some in our residents’ group about the billing for the building management fee. We are going to look into it. Our main concern is the increase in the charge for the security service because the service has actually be reduced. We got the bills today.
After that, I had to make a proper dinner. I feel that not cooking so much has resulted in a reduced intake of vegetables. I cooked vegetables with tofu and ate it with rice.
After that I paid Y a visit. She is asking about her responsibilities in participating in a test that is given to federal government employees. It is given at our institution once a month. She and I have been called on to do the oral tests on Friday night. Since it is her first time at it, and the department has not informed her, she wanted me to brief her. I intended to make a 15-minute visit, but it was hard to extrapolate myself from this verbose, engaging and sociable creature in such a short amount of time. I finally got out the door after about an hour.
I must shower and get to bed soon. Good night.

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