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A Year of Living Positively-Day 189

I finally got around to having a good visit with B. She’s leaving on vacation in a week, so I wanted to catch her for a one-on-one this week, and I did. I gave her some treats from my recent shopping treasures and told her about my secret trip. We gossiped just a little. We are joining our residents’ group on Thursday, but I wanted to devote some time to talking with her just myself.
Those three homes next door are being completely demolished and the noise from the demolition is terrific. I had hoped that they would merely be renovated but, alas, the entire structures are coming down. The back hoe was at work by about 7:30 this morning and went on all day. I guess it’s is going to go on and on. They will have to haul away the debris, which will take a few truck loads. They will no doubt want to break up the concrete floor, which takes a jackhammer, then dig, then drive in pilings, then pour in concrete, build a frame, and so on and so on and so on.
I wanted to escape the dreadful noise today, and I needed to pay a visit to my phone service provider, so I caught a bus to Seomyeon. I thought it might be simpler and more efficient to take a bus from the next street over right away rather than going down the big hill and into the subterranean rail system, then wait for a train. It was simpler, to be sure, but it took longer as it wound its way through narrow streets who knows where. I eventually ended up where I wanted to be.
In a jiffy, the phone problem got sorted out and I settled the account. Then, I decided to go into the big Lotte department store because I wanted to look for health supplies. For one thing, I was out of vitamin and calcium pills, and wanted to get some lighter kind of shampoo for the summer heat, items which I know I can easily find there, though at luxury goods prices. I also needed to get some foot care ointment to deal with the heat and humidity of the season. Furthermore, it is a great place to by specialty foods. I picked up some mandu (Chinese style dumplings), which are nice for a change and ready to eat, being precooked. I am not cooking much at home you see, as the room thermometer reads 30 or more all the time these days.
Actually, I just tried out the air conditioning in this room for the first time. After being on for 20 minutes at a low setting but moderate target temperature, it is currently 29C. Hoorah! I can beat the heat and the racket outside by shutting the windows and using the “aircon”.
I just took care of some little chores after eating some mandu, and went to the corner store for a supply of milk, then started watching TV. The feature biographical film on Gilbert and Sullivan, called “Topsy Turvy” is on for the third time this week. It’s a good film with samples of many operatic theatrical acts done very well and amusingly, and the story is interesting but I have seen enough.
I do think that biographical films are a lot like creative non-fiction, done in a similar fashion in relation to how I wrote stories in Impressing Heaven about English language learners, for example. Though I don’t always agree with the particular film maker’s interpretation of the biography, it think it is perfectly reasonable, ethically sound and creatively interesting and enriching to go beyond the facts and try to imagine the experiences of the person(s) in question. It requires some guessing and getting a little uncomfortable, but it is a practice that allows all involved in creating and then watching or reading the biography see and understand more. It also raises more questions and is valuable for adding to the context of the life in question.

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