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A Year of Living Positively-Day 187

I was in kind of a fog most of the day as a result of a lack of sleep and because I did not have a proper meal until about four-thirty this afternoon. I was content to stay home and do desk work. Y dropped by and invited me to go for a walk in the woods, but I was too hungry by that point. She offered to share some strange homemade soup with me, so she shoved the pot of soup in my hands and went out. I did not like the soup. I finally got so hungry that I cooked rice, despite the high temperature in my room. I naturally felt better after a full meal of rice, fish and vegetables. I got perky enough at that point to go return the soup pot to Y and pay her a visit. 

As I suddenly felt sociable, we chatted. We tossed around some ideas about resettlement in Canada. I had poked around on the internet looking at land and house prices in Saskatchewan, you see, and sent a message to people who have a farm in BC. I also looked into some small scale investment opportunities. I told Y about some of the information I had dug up. It turns out that she has been making similar inquiries.

Y takes off on a summer-long holiday next week, as do many of my colleagues. The Namsan association of colleagues is planning one last dinner together before we all take off in all directions. As for me, I have not planned any trips except the peace mission to Japan, and I am not sure that Japan trip will happen because there has not been much response to the invitation I sent out last Thursday. I might take off on a little trip somewhere else if I cancel the Japan thing. Rumour has it that tourists from certain countries no longer need visas to enter Russia, so I would have to confirm that is true and consider carrying out my long held concept of a brief sojourn to Vladivostock. In any case, I might take the long trip up the east coast to the beaches around Sokcho, which are said to be excellent. So far, the university has not approached me about summer work for the first time in about three years. I intend to look over postings for part-time summer work like camps at other institutions next week, and see what is out there. It could be a real drag hanging around here through the entire summer, unless I can get a lot of writing done and make a little extra money. At least I can say that this summer is shaping up to be cooler than usual, thank goodness.

I got off to a bad start with some writing yesterday, as I fell a tad behind in the blog writing and lost a story. As I said above, I was feeling quite spacey so I should not have trusted myself to write competently and manage files. I got stuck on the idea of cleaning up the collection of anecdotes of the Confessions project, and mixed things up so that I deleted a good version, the only one containing an anecdote about changing at the swimming pool. Damn! It was good and I remember how difficult it was to write that. Maybe I'll get around to giving it another stab later in the summer. I should have left it alone, knowing full well the debilitated state I was in and the dangers lurking. 

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