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A Year of Living Positively-Day 184

It is hard to write when there has been a security alarm ringing for over an hour, and there is some kind of demolition happening in the neighborhood. In spite of that chaos, I will try to start today’s blog. Let me start by telling you about some nice turn of events.
A student gave me some musical scripts for piano. She is a concert pianist and has access to music. When I found out her occupation, I asked her if she could give me some music for piano. I have the Yamaha keyboard, but it has been idle for most of the time that it has been in my possession because I have not been able to find decent music. I needed some printed musical scripts, as playing improvisations bores me in short order.
In turn, I am referring to people who might have job tips, since this student needs to find some summertime work. As soon as I passed the message along, I got a reply back encouraging the student in question to contact her for leads. Hopefully, something will come of it quickly.
As another incidence of small acts of human kindness, I got a bargain on some great fruit because of a vendor’s kindness. I was looking at melons and was choosing a kind of melon that I am familiar with, though it was a little expensive. However, the vendor recommended that I take a different kind, one that was bigger and less expensive. The vendor said it would be tastier than the one I first considered. I got a good deal on a large melon.

By the way, my office mate, L, left me a card and gift. She has snuck away to take her vacation early and I am an accomplice, as she was a sort of accomplice to my escape. Anyway, I have given her gifts and food more than she has given them to me, so it was a kind of a little debt.
As for me and my life, I am quickly going through the list of tasks I must take care of for the remainder of the month. I had a lengthy sleep, broken only by about one hour of wakefulness. I guess I slept about nine hours in total overnight, and I have felt dopey all day. It has been a day to relax and do nothing much. I just went to get groceries, especially to have some fresh produce, and did a load of laundry. Though I have been charging along steadily for a few weeks, I cannot think or do much today, so I am going with the flow. It is not too hot but very humid, and the room gets hot. I have not yet started up the air conditioner, but perhaps I will have to, especially because mosquitoes are around forcing me to keep the door closed most of the time.

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