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A Year of Living Positively-Day 183

Today, I was thinking that it is a good thing to be creating a biographical record at this time in my life. I am passing through the autumn of my life, and affairs in the event of death should be prepared.
What if I passed one day that there was no record? Because I would not be leaving behind a spouse and children, and my travels and interests diverse and always changing, and so too my relationships, family members assigned the responsibility of managing the death duties and tidying up my affairs would be in the embarrassing position, through no fault of their own, of not knowing very much about me.
It is good to create one reference that covers pretty much all aspects of your life as you were living before you expire. There is my Facebook page, but not all sides of my life are revealed there. I also use a Google profile, and have profiles on various websites. I supposed browsing the web would expose more, if they thought to do that, but they would still be required to do the research and piece together a picture of me and my life. They could put out a call on Facebook and by other means to get input from colleagues and acquaintances who have been playing a role in my life in one aspect or other. Someone speaking from that vantage point would have a perception based on a particular angle and their own interpretation, without having spoken to me a lot or known much about the rest of my life. Providing memoirs or something like that would be helpful, and reduce the labor involved in piecing together eulogies and other remembrances as are socially fitting.
Seen in this light, preparing a diary or memoirs of some sort or another can be seen as a duty. It is the responsible thing to do in the case where close interaction with loved ones or surviving family members and representatives has not been occurring. It is another way to prepare for one’s passing, and straighten out one’s affairs so as leave things prepared for the caretakers at the time of death to handle. In fact, now that I think of it, it is a considerate thing to do.
Also, preparing a biography or memoirs gives a person more autonomy over their own characterization and image. Armed with such a text, a person can make a description of herself the way she likes, rather than taking a chance on others to frame your life and describe you in the way they see you.
I suppose I have been wanting others to know me better as I age and mellow. Not only am I single; I lead a complicated and unconventional life that others find hard to keep track of and put into any category. I always have. I remember having a strong aversion to being put into any category when I was a teenager. On that point, I guess I have gotten my wish. Almost in self-contradiction, I have also wanted to be understood and valued for my beliefs, work and lifestyle since I was young. To me, that kind of regard has always been a large kind of the love I have wanted to receive. (Men don’t generally regard women like that, so I have been beating my head against walls trying to get that kind of respect and regard from romantic partners.) It has remained a frustrating issue for me for decades. I guess my auto-biographical writing is another attempt to get enough attention to have some people around me and someone of some degree of authority in some avenues of society to acknowledge and appreciate my work and beliefs, even if they don’t agree. I do not require that others agree with me. I just want recognition and validation.
Since I have been looking for recognition and validation from many of the wrong kind of people, perhaps blogging and other forms of publishing seeks to find similarly minded or appreciative people who would recognize and validate or value me. I am trying to find professional people, and socially conscious and active people to relate to.

Creating a record or memoirs is not something I originally intended. Now, though, I see that I am doing it and that it is worthwhile work, no matter how far the publishing of my writing gets or how much recognition I muster as an author. I guess this has been an unconscious mission behind the stated mission of developing a positive thinking method of working towards change to improve my life and the lives of others.

By the way, Volume 2 of this project is now posted on the Smashwords website. Though the cover photo is not quite large enough for the requirements of the publisher, the text is downloadable with any of a wide range of reader apps. and equipment. I have written and introduction and conclusion to it.

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