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A Year of Living Positively -Day 167

It has been a good day. I got through enough chores and errands with enough time to spare to go meet M around noon as planned. We had a great time catching up and eating.
Dropping by the dry cleaners, I learned that the owner/worker there had found my jacket. That was a relief. It is a handy jacket to wear for work in the spring and fall, and under an outer coat in the winter. I would have missed him. I felt that the laundry guy was being honest. The other day, our careful search together in the awful humidity and heat of the place, looking under coats and plastic wrapping to see whether my order had gotten up with that of another customer’s, came up with nothing. Still, he doggedly pursued the search and found it.
I made a trip to a supermarket where I wanted to get a supply of rice and honey, among other things, as my basic stock at home has been running low. Better to have enough stuff in cupboards before my trip so that I don’t have a lot of shopping to do as soon as I return. I am sure I’ll have jet lag. Besides, I will have to administer exams right away.
The urgent matter was taking care of the phone. I waited to meet with a service guy. It turned out that I need to update the record with my renewed resident i.d. Apparently, the service provider has cut off network activity beyond basic phone use because the i.d. I originally used to register last winter has since expired. I did send a copy of my newest i.d. over the internet yesterday, because I happened to notice an old message from the service provider. With the network being cut and the phone running out of power so often lately, I guess I missed some messages. The service man said that the power issue is not because of a weak battery; rather, it is because the phone overworks itself trying to find an active network. The problem has not yet been rectified, and I may have to go meet with the service provider, which won’t be until mid-June and after my trip. At least, I know what the problem is and how to resolve it now.
I got a head start on the exam preparations yesterday, so  it has not been necessary to make a trip to campus today. I may not need to go. Instead, I may have a chance to get my hair done, as I would feel more comfortable getting the graying roots spruced up before leaving for the land of fashion and beauty. Yes, I wrote out oral exam questions and created marking sheets according to a rubric for each class. There is no need to get all the marking that is waiting for me before the trip, as I am not required to give make materials that are part of the final exams. Therefore, my to-do list of school work has been slashed.
It is a good thing that the school work is under control, for I am feeling very drowsy though it is not even seven o’clock this evening. I awoke to early, around five and may have only slept some 40 more minutes at the most. That factor, plus the fact that I have not yet eaten dinner, are making me sleepy already today.
Mind you, it has been another hot day in the low to mid-80s. M felt it was too hot to do much. We just stayed in her neighbourhood and found a bimbimbap with raw fish, and a seafood hotpot on the side. Then we went for the Korean dessert with ice milk shavings and sweetened red beans. Since I had picked up some berries in a local market on the way, we added some berries to the dish and it was great. M posted a picture of it.
(The Koreans call these red berries “raspberries” though they are nothing like the raspberries I have known in North America, though they are somewhat sweet and tasty. They grow wild and on farms and are in season right now.)
Back at home, I have begun to pack. It is funny how packing can be so draining. I only sorted out the toiletries, making sure the small travel containers are replete, and organizing them all in a case. I have started to fill the new carry-on bag two, making sure that travel papers including the reservations and conference information is included, plus copies of my collection of short stories, are tucked inside it. I bought a new satchel to use as a handbag, and have started to stuff it, too.

I really have to stop this and eat now. I have a smoked turkey drumstick, a zucchini and tomato salad, some rice mixture, and a raspberry and melon salad waiting on the table. Bye for now.

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