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A Year of Living Positively -Day 163

The afternoon felt odd. I worked as usual, except that I hung around the office a bit longer anticipating that students might drop by. They did.
One office visitor was unusual. It was a student majoring in Portuguese who is preparing to live in Portugal in 2015, Why did he want to talk to me, you ask? He explained that he had been advised to get some help writing English. He was looking for someone to coach him in writing cover letters and letters of introduction that may be used abroad. I agreed to help him and assigned him a writing task, which he is to send me for review via email, then meet me on Friday morning. That is an extra task I have given myself, but it is a duty, really.
Caught up with the marking, and receiving no further visitors, I made my way home. I encountered Y who said she was late for her obligatory office receiving time slot. I verified that it was already after five o’clock by checking my phone. After she scooted off, I used the phone to check for messages and found a text from the drycleaner guy, so I decided to go there to pick up my stuff. It is very close from the apartment, just sitting around the corner. One of the three items I was supposed to retrieve was missing, so he and I searched the shop to no avail. He refunded me for the dry cleaning order and said that he would keep searching. I’ll drop by on Thursday. That is yet another task to add to the to-do list.
On my way home, I decided to buy a few small melons, the kind that are a specialty of Jeju Island prized for their extraordinary flavor, and are only in season once a year for a short time. While I was checking over the fruit, the store worker came out and climbed up to unfold and dislodge a large umbrella. The cloth of the umbrella got stuck on something, though, and she had a terrible time tugging it free. Indeed, the canvass started to rip. I tried to help but was of little use. Within a few minutes but after further shredding, the thing was taken down and I paid for the merchandise.
I cooked dinner as soon as I arrived home. Dinner was tasty yet unremarkable, except that I managed to squirt myself with the juice of a tomato and had to apply stain remover to several spots on my clothes. Fortunately, I had changed into frumpy lounging clothes by then—just sweat pants and a t-shirt.
I am still feeling terribly sweaty from the cooking and the search through the tiny dry cleaning shop where it was, of course, quite warm. I have therefore taken the electric fan out of its storage place in the utilities closet and plugged it in for the first time in this place and this year. I guess the seasonal humidity is already building. I am trying to refrain from using that air con machine as much as possible for it is actually inside the apartment, though inside a special closet. For one thing, using it requires open up the slats so that hot air and moisture can escape, which will bring in mosquitoes. I naturally want to avoid mosquitoes, and the noise of the machine in here.
I was watching TV while cooking and eating. At this time of day, I check the international news. Lately, I have been trying to follow developments in Europe, so I have been watching Euronews and the BBC. I think I have a handle on what is going on in the Ukraine, and something about Nigeria. A major event this week in particular has been the Pope’s visit to Jordan, Israel and Palestine. Arriving from the tour, which had some outstanding points, he just made a public statement severely admonishing priests who abuse children. Clearly, the Catholic clergy are under fire about that issue and need to take full and public responsibility. The EU Commission election of country representatives have been going on, and Mme. Le Pen, the socialistic (National Front) rep who won the seat for France, was just talking tough to the press. There seem to be strong left-right pulls in many elections around the world. The elections in India were just held, and Modi is the new PM, which I think is appalling considering his role in Gujarat. One interesting thing about his new leadership is that he invited the PM of Pakistan to his inauguration. The nation-wide elections of regional parliamentary representatives is happening in South Korea next week, and we’ll see how much damage is done to the ruling Senuri Party in the wake of the Sewol ferry disaster.

In the national news here in Korea, I heard today that there has been another serious accident. Six people were killed in the Goyang Bus Terminal when a fire broke out in the basement where a  food court is being constructed. Apparently, the fire was caused by sparks from welding  that came into contact with liquefied natural gas. Yeah.

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