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A Year of Living Positively -Day 161

After marking school work for at least four days straight, I went out for a swim. Stormy weather threatened all weekend, but it only managed to stir up some cool strong winds. It was a good weekend to stay in and get some work done.
All my classes have been doing quizzes and assignments this past week, leaving lots to mark. Yesterday, I marked quizzes and essays of one writing class of 20 students for around 11 hours, and squeezed in some time to begin the first stage of the final grading calculations. With enough scores gathered, you see, I can start adding up totals for quizzes, assignments, and homework, which will leave me in good shape during final exam period when I begin to collect the last scores and figure out the students’ grades for the entire semester.
Today, I marked some more essays. They are of the second class. That class was not required to give me their essays before the weekend, but I asked them to if they could so that I could start the marking. I have six.
As I have been saying, I must have everything caught up and in good order so as to escape for 10 days, then return to hit the ground running so as to invigilate and mark final exams. I am feeling less and less anxious about it as the pile of tasks gets smaller, and I plod on through my scheduled lessons and other activities. I am informing my students that I shall be away visiting friends and attending professional development seminars, though I did not say where. That way, they will know that it won’t be easy to communicate with me during those 10 days. I should be in good shape to leave and not have to worry about any loose ends.
I finally solved the problem of the transportation to the Incheon airport where my flight departs. I settled on local flights to make sure everything goes smoothly and the fatigue of the trip is minimized.
I am so stoked that I’ll be able to see everyone in the Netherlands for three days before going to Italy. People there are communicating with me, and I have seen notices for special events during the period of my stay in the Netherlands. It will be a fantastic time, though intense.

My brother and his family happen to be in Paris at the moment. My niece has been posting her beautiful pictures of Paris in the springtime, and it fills me with gladness knowing that I’ll soon have a similar experience. I’ve been looking at the map of the center of Florence. I think I’ll be able to see a lot but still take the time to relax and let it sink in. Finally, there will be the conference with the banquet and my poster presentation. I really enjoy international conferences related to my fields of study and work for the learning that can transpire and the great conversations with people who share some interests, even if they are strangers to me. If the conference is too tense, I can goof off. I don’t have to be there the whole time of the conference.

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