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A Year of Living Positively -Day 160

I came across a phrase expressing the passing away of someone, which suggests where or how the person is passing. It is, "So-and-so has enough wisdom to continue his/her journey to the stars." It conveys an attitude and vision of the afterlife, or at least an idea of a continuation of the soul.

I like that phrase. One could think of a successful life on Earth as one gathering wisdom. Accumulating wisdom would be an appropriate goal of life, and it would be a result of positive thinking, I feel. It implies that life on Earth is a learning process, which means that mistakes and ignorance can be forgiven as long as one learns and strives to improve oneself, one's circumstances and community. Indeed, we could talk about accumulated wisdom as wealth, so that improvement need not be interpreted as material gain; rather, it could be interpreted as becoming a better person and member of society. Success at that kind of project is a sign of growing wisdom.

Not that material gain is necessarily wrong; it is obvious, in fact, that much of the world's population lacks basic necessities in modern terms. It would be socially positive for them to acquire more material wealth. 

At the same time, it is obvious that possession of material wealth is wildly imbalanced at this juncture of human existence, and that a small percentage of the human population lays claim to and controls most of the world's wealth, at the expense of the suffering of the majority. Such privileged people need to let go of their material wealth and let it be spread around. They need to acquire more wisdom and they could acquire it by listening to the majority.

I like the idea of one making a journey back into the eternal universe. There is a Christian notion of death being a release from earthly cares and labor, which is appealing to me. The idea also implies that souls are travelers, and assumes that travel is a source of education and glory. Breaking out of the restraints of physical life, one enters a realm of infinite possibility where anything could happen. 

That image of the afterlife does not rule out there being a contest between positive ("good") and negative ("evil") forces out in the universe as there is on Earth. However, it seems to imply that one's level of wisdom corresponds to one's level of "goodness" and therefore strength to resist "evil" after release back into the universe. Perhaps, then, one's response and success at accumulating wisdom on Earth is response to earthly challenges, is a measure of one's status and potential out in the spiritual world of the universe.

If we make it a project to have a positive mindset and employ it to the best of our ability, perhaps “evil” can be mitigated and even subdued, eventually. That is a lovely wish, and an honorable aim in life.


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