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A Year of Living Positively -Day 148

It has been a somber day. It began with a heavy rain storm, but the sun broke through by mid-afternoon. However, that sober feeling has lasted for me.

Actually, I had a pretty good day yesterday even after a lengthy bout of writing. After my call home and lunch, I took off and came home from around dinner time feeling up. It was sunny when I started and the gathering storms held off the whole afternoon, so that I had a very pleasant and easy walk through forest path from the campus all the way to the renown temple, Beomeosa. The sounds and smells were delightful along the way. Few other hikers were around and it was very quiet. In fact, there was a point when I could hear the fluttering of feathers of a little bird that flew up to me and perched to observe me from a twig above.

Many people were late and the mood was a bit down at school today. Well, two-thirds of the semester have passed, and this is when a lot of students and teachers start to feel tired or discouraged. Of course, the dark clouds and rain dampened the spirits.

My classes went well, regardless. I marked a batch of quizzes during the day and checked all the students' practice writing in two classes. We are gearing up for the final phase, and I am sorting out the last assignments and lining up the final exams already. We are on track and things are going smoothly.

The most significant aspect of the day was seeing that the butt-kicking I delivered on Friday had positive effects. Our department head wrote me at seven-thirty this morning saying that he had reported all our technical issues and that they would get sorted out. Practically in the snap of a finger, a frustrating software application suddenly presented itself on our monitors and was receptive to our operations. Like magic, our mysterious new website opened up, and we were able to input data. A techie made the rounds to a few work stations, and I took advantage of his presence to have him go with me to my office to clear up the issues on mine and L's equipment. Presto! I put in all the midterm grades in about 20 minutes. Instead of nagging us, out support staff was suddenly supportive and put into action.

I ran into several colleagues and friends but I was not good at chit-chat today. L the Frenchman, one of the chattiest people on Earth, quickly gave up on me, which is a first, I believe. I saw C, before the technical issues were solved and all I could do was whine. He was very nice and let me do it for about five minutes. I saw B and she stopped by because she wanted to borrow one of my Korean culture books, but she did not linger. Brad greeted me in the hall but I had no words to reply with. Y invited me into her office, and that's where I abruptly left with techie in tow. She dropped by my door at home and invited me to see her new painting-in-progress, but I did not stay long. I felt I could have been communicating better.

It is just one of those days. I am sure that I will brighten up by tomorrow. The residue of the altercation that occurred last Friday ought to pass pretty soon. I'll just roll with it and let it pass.

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