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A Year of Living Positively -Day 145

I am feeling sleepy after a full day of crossing things off my “to do” list. I wrote, paid a phone bill, shopped, swam, shopped again, and made dinner. I just completed the washing up and am sitting at the desk with a cup of tea.
As there was a thunder shower this morning, I felt inclined to get some writing out of the way. I am concerned that developing the plan for the peace tour and beginning the coordinating will take up a lot of time during the month before I must leave for international meeting of activist and the education conference. When I checked my calendar this morning and realized that I have a Korea TESOL meeting for teachers this Saturday, and next a meeting with the group in Seoul, I thought I’d best get cracking on some of the writing.
Fortunately, I was in the mood for some intellectual activity this morning. A concept of the peace tour, or “mission” as I am starting to call it, is budding in my brain. First, I used information in the AWC reports to write a short piece on the context, before stating how the idea for this activity came about. Then I started to outline the general itinerary, theme, invitation, and so on. My counterpart in Japan quickly replied to the initial draft document that I sent him by email late this morning. His group will discuss it and work on developing it further. That is out of my hands for the moment. Task done!
Next, I had a customer service person check over my phone because it has been useless for about a week. It turned out that it was a matter of being behind in the payment. It is a track phone, for which I buy prepaid minutes of usage. Somehow, I received no alert about the minutes running out, as I would normally get. Perhaps it was because the big holiday interrupted the normal work. Anyway, I am happy that the problem was as simple as that. Now, the phone is operating fine.
After lunch, I grabbed my swim bag and headed across town to the big pool. There were fewer lessons going on, and fewer people in the practice lanes. I enjoyed a vigorous swim, though not one exceeding 800 minutes.
Following a thorough shower, I went next door to the big box department store to have a look at the suitcases. I saw a few I liked, but I did not make a move to acquire one of those because I want to check the goods and prices at other stores in the vicinity of the KOTESOL meeting place in Nampo-dong first when I go out there on Saturday. There is a large traditional outdoor market, plus the old style underground market surrounded by big ticket and fashion chain stores of the US and Europe, plus the juggernaut of shopping, the “Lotte World” complex. I imagine the local vendors lobbied hard to be able to survive and keep up a presence with all that new development. The big box department store I visited today has reliable products of recognized and local brands in the middle price range, but I may be able to do better than $130.
I did however make a significant purchase. I have had my eye out for a new summer business jacket for a long time and I found the perfect one today. It is tailored in a light mint green fabric with three-quarters length sleeves with royal blue colored cuffs, just right for wearing with several of my summer dresses and skirts. I felt a sense of accomplishment in making that purchase for it has been quite a long time coming. I have been living with one summer jacket for six years, and looking around for a new one in the past year and a half. I have made do with cheap light cardigans in the meantime but they are inadequate and do not look that good. I did not blink at paying more than 150,000 won ($150) for it. My only concern is whether it will require ironing, because the ironing boards stand very low to the floor causing one to sweep the floor with your clothing unless you happen to have adequate table space, which I do not. That means I may not be able to take it to Italy. Regardless, I will manage. It looks great.

I may have the wardrobe for it, but I was not selected for teaching in the summer session. They said they did a draw to choose two of the six people who were interested in doing it and my name was not pulled. As I intend to stay around for most of the summer this year, I guess I will look around for some safe summer relief or camp work instead.

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