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A Year of Living Positively -Day 143

I am thinking about the benefits of journal writing. I think that journal writing enhances the writer's vision and hearing. As for vision, it widens the scope of vision, and helps you to see with more clarity and precision. It helps you to be more aware of others around you, and your influence on them and theirs on you. As for hearing, the benefts are similar. It helps you to hear others more and better, facilitating greater awareness of those around you. Journal writing helps you to see and hear the messages between the lines, too. You can make more and deeper inferences. In some, journal writing facilitates and improves understanding.
In other words, the act of journal writing is an act of consciousness raising. The writer works to raise her own consciousness. By sharing, perhaps the writer helps to raise the consciouses of others
In that sense, journal writing is a process of education. It can be used in formal education, or in informal discussion and personal self-improvement. It is simultaneously a tool of education, a means of finding out. Using that tool triggers a process in the writer's, and reader's, consciousness.
Journal writing is subjective and does not pretend to be otherwise. It is a voice of a specific person, with that person's intentions, biases and needs. No matter how much the writer wants to stick to facts, it is always a creation in that it involves interpretation of facts, and it inevitably gives rise to commentary, and offering and sharing of opinion. Indeed, it often cites the opinions of others and compares and discusses them and those of the writer.
Journal writing, while initiated and written by one person, is a dialogue. It is, of course, a dialgue with the self, and a dialogue with the reader. The journal writing process then, is thereby dialogic. Learning occurs in the process of taking observations and ideas and putting them into words, which produces more words, more observations and more ideas, which all get exchanged further.
There are many benefits to journal writing, and many uses. It is educational, and that is a means for discussion and learning. It helps to build knowledge an foster cognitive and personal and societal growth.

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