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A Year of Living Positively -Day 137

It's the eve of my new weekly day off, without the responsibility of the city employees class on Thursday morning as of last week. I already feel like I'm on a holiday. Tomorrow would probably be a holiday for them anyway, in view of the fact that tomorrow is May first. It is a holiday for many factory workers, all bank employees and all government staff. Actually, many students have been absent this week, and probably because of this holiday, and the fact that it will be closely followed by the holidays for Children's Day on the fifth and Buddha's Birthday on the sixth. A lot of people would have a six-day stretch for these holidays this year, and many probably laid plans to escape all this week long, and others probably have the same idea for next idea, with the fifth and sixth of the month falling on a Monday and Tuesday. Students would enjoy a break in their home towns, for instance. I wrapped most of this week's classes today, though I have two to teach on Friday afternoon, on the second. With a plan to get away to Seoul for the long weekend in mind now, I am slipping to a holiday mode already. Since I have already sketched out the plans for a half week of classes next week, and discussed them with the students, I can relax and get back to my own life.

Tomorrow, I must prepare for a sojourn of three days. I am attending an international meeting of the Asia Wide Campaign, a meeting for activists to collaborate on a common peace campaign. I bought a train ticket this morning. The accommodations already booked since the beginning of this week, I must pack and prepare to close up the apartment for the three days.

I am planning to be at the AWC meeting especially because our group of progressive organizations in South Korea want to put together a solidarity visit to Nagasaki at the ceremonies to mark the anniversary of the nuclear bombing of Nagasaki on August ninth this summer. A couple of people from my foreign teachers' network, TEA-KOR, with join me for at least the first day of the AWC meeting. I am looking forward to the event with a view to meeting more activists and making new friends, as well as getting involved in some kind of action for peace. 

I wrote a solidarity message for TEA-KOR and the Canadian solidarity peace network to present to the AWC meeting. So far, the members of these group have not shown any sign of disagreement about the messages. I must remember to print out the final versions when I am in my office on Friday! The AWC leaders will present solidarity messages at the start of the meeting on Saturday.

For now, I am taking care of business at home. The TV and internet cable system is up an operating and I am benefiting. I am enjoying keeping up with international news, and having the entertainment options available on this system. Being so reliant on Youtube in the past did isolate me from current events, although the internet, email, online news and social  networking can be quite informative too. As well, the big screen is indeed a big relief for my eyes, especially because my eyes have been so irritated by air quality conditions for a few recent weeks. A further benefit is that I can use Skype from home again. In fact, I am due to make the connection to my online Korean class later this evening. I won't have to charge up the hill to my office in order to do that this time!

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