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A Year of Living Positively -Day 134

It has been a productive day, mostly spent at the desk. My arms have only been feeling a little stiff after the rappelling and rock climbing yesterday. It was a good day to be sedentary and rest my limbs. As it happened, I had a lot of business to take care of.

I awoke at a normal time, and went through my routine, but I was distracted by the news that an ILPS leaders' meeting was scheduled on dates over the two days prior to the date of my departure for Italy. It was ironic. I had received hints that the meeting might be held in early June, but no confirmation until last week. Meanwhile, my ticket for Italy has been booked for two months. This morning, I woke up with my mind turning the question of whether to try to alter that plane ticket, though I had informed the secretariat that I would listen in over a telecommunication service.

Looking into the possibility of changing the plane ticket was added to my list of things to do today. I was also supposed to make the regular overseas calls, take care of the normal kinds of messages,check my lesson plans for the week as usual, and get some essays marked. 

After putting a load of laundry through the wash, I packed a lunch and prepared to go spend a good part of the day at my office on campus. What the heck? It was a grey day with a forecast of rain, and a good day for me to take it easy physically, so I headed for campus just after ten o'clock this morning.

The first order of business was calling "uncle" to see how his convalescence  from hip surgery has been doing. He is well, it seems, and reports that he his recovering quickly. He has been out walking up to three miles a day, still supported by a walker, though. He was in good spirits and did not let his reminiscing ramble today.

The second order of business was contacting the flight ticket service to talk to them about changing the ticket for my trip in June. We did it! Sure, the alteration amounts to a significant added travel cost, but I found a way to minimize the increase in airfare, and still find a flight to the site of the meeting so that I can be there for a day and get some important visiting done too. I accomplished that feat by omitting the second leg of the trip out of the itinerary. It will be easy to catch a flight from there to Florence, and at a reasonable price. The bonus is I can visit a bit, and I am even free to delay the voyage to Italy by one night, as long as I can notify the Florentine hostel in time. I talked to an agent, then considered a prospective altered route, and called them back. It took a good chunk of time, and it was nearly one o'clock by the time I got it sorted all out. It will all be worth it, though quite an exciting and action-packed week of travel!

Then I had a couple of more calls. Y called me with some questions about our teaching schedule and summer routine, because she is making travel arrangements for the summer too. After we dealt with her questions, I was drained and ready for lunch. After a break, I called my brother. He is fine. He has a new baby niece and many social activities to go to. His health is stable, and he is looking forward to his birthday celebration and tenth wedding anniversary around the end of May. 

Those calls done, I could finally turn my attention to the school work. I got marking done. I received about a dozen of the midterm assignments from students in one of my writing classes on Friday afternoon, though the deadline is not until tomorrow. I looked them over before devising a marking key. Generally, most of them were well done, though only two were outstanding. After I evaluated them and assigned scores then made a record of them, I realized that there was a handy way to construct grades for the students' progress in the first half of the term. It took some time to work out a formula then do the calculations and record them, of course. Now, I can inform the students of their progress and current standing in the class in a clear and clearly defined manner. It also gives me a clearer picture of the evolution of the final grades, which is helpful in make the final distribution according to grading rules and perimeters. I have never done that before, but perhaps I have discovered a useful trick. I may apply it to all my classes, if I can find the time.

Again, I have a feeling accomplishment after an industrious day. Now, I am attending to the task of the daily blog, which enhances that feeling.

That is enough for me today. I should have studied Korean a bit, but I think I should leave it for tomorrow. 

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