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A Year of Living Positively -Day 128

I awoke feeling as if it were after a late night of heavy drinking. I did not drink yesterday, however, and I got to bed at around nine-thirty. I had been having intense lengthy weird dreams, when I woke up suddenly at around six in the morning. Even a student remarked that I looked sick. I told her that I was not sick but that I had missed breakfast. I had not been feeling hungry, and had planned not to eat this morning because I had eaten a the day before.
I’m sure that I got at least seven-and-a-half hours of sleep, yet I look pale and have dark circles under my eyes. Because there is pressure around my eyes and temples, and I have a bit of an ear ache, I suspect that allergic reactions as well as some tension from the dreaming are at play. No doubt, the vast array of various dishes, plus extra doses of coffee that I consumed all day yesterday caused dreams. Perhaps I had some emotional reaction to the content of the dreams. They were complex and dramatic, and partly familiar, but I cannot recall them now.
I guess my body and mind decompressed themselves after the evening house party. I had been wondering how it was going to be and fearing that it might end up a flop. I was also concerned about C being there for multiple reasons. He did dominate the group discussion, but it was entertaining to the others, but pair conversations and sideline discussions took place quietly, so it was all right. I had also been wondering how his attitude would be with me during the occasion, because I suspect he has a romantic interest in me. He denied having invited himself. I think he is terribly shy about relations with the opposite sex. I can’t imagine getting intimate with him. He looks at my boobs and bottom a lot while he’s alone with me, though.
I do not think there are any grounds for a relationship with C because we do not have much in common other than the circumstances of having the same job for the same employer. He is an avid church-goer and a leader of Toastmasters and those activities do not interest me. I is not a member of KOTESOL and he does not do academic work outside the basic duties of his job.  I am an activist and an artistic writer, and I have never heard him talk about politics and art. I don’t think this can go anywhere, but it is nice that someone is interested.
I just gave one exam today and it was good to hear students make the unusual comment that doing the oral exam was fun, as well as challenging. We had a good time listening to the pair demos. I had the conversation class students design interviews about travel and assigned them exotic traveler types such as a blogger-photographer, a research scientist and an international relief medic. I marked their speaking skills, then took their scripts to mark them for content. They were supposed to incorporate grammar and expressions from the textbook into their dialogues. I think it went well. The students made a great effort, overall.
I took advantage of the extra free time today to have lunch with colleagues in the canteen. I was hoping for light fare and got it: a thin soup, salad and a filet of fish. I was joined by Russian speakers including B.

I was supposed to start talking about what specifically to discuss in Volume Two of this blog. You may be aware that I stumbled upon the topic of journal writing on Saturday, as I was writing a conference paper on a related subject. I shall be examining how this project is an exercise in journal making and explore the process.

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