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A Year of Liging Positively -Day 127

What a super day feasting and passing the time with friends and colleagues! It did me good to get off the computer and out socializing.
I met L and the couple, K & B at a posh buffet restaurant. We like to go to a deluxe buffet at Christmas and Easter. They are all Catholic so celebrating Easter Sunday is important to them and it was a habit of my family to enjoy a special meal when I was a child. Lingering over a meal of several courses for over two hours, we just talked about food, going out, teaching, and our long term plans. Then we walked along the beach to APEC Park, which was built for the APEC Summit in Busan in 2005 and turned into a beautiful park with a scenic walkway around a little coastal point. It was a beautiful afternoon for it.
L is becoming a good friend. We can talk at length in French, which I love doing until I get tired. He is a French teacher and is very good. He corrects me sometime, or reminds me of a word or phrase. Being French, it has taken a long time to get to know him. Now he calls me part of his “Korean family” (meaning family in Korea). I don’t socialize with him often, but I have been seeing him more often on social occasions and he comes by my office or stops me in the hallway at work to catch up from time to time.



I got home in time to cook up a pot of mixed rice for the “Namsan High City Building” group potluck dinner. I was not sure how it would turn out, but several residents cam, plus C, a non-resident from BUFS who had kind of wangled his way into attending through pestering me about it. (When are you having another party? When? When?) Everybody brought good food, including a lot of home cooked Asian dishes, like crispy pork rolls, a noodle and vegetable salad with peanut sauce, spicy chicken,  and mushroom salad. A couple of people brought cake and beverages from local stores.  
C brought a couple of home-made dishes, including tapioca pudding which was a big hit. He also helped to keep the conversation going, as he is a trained public speaker (head of a Toastmasters’ group, no less). And can be amusing. He has a big booming voice.  I was not sure about having him there, but it was fine. I still think he wants to get closer to me. He is part of L’s circle too, and was invited, but he is dieting and spending time in the gym these days. In fact, he said he spent an hour on a stationary bike in lieu of indulging in the buffet today.
At the potluck dinner, we remained on the communal balcony, though the weather cooled down by the evening. It was well enough lit.

There, we had the freedom to celebrate, though music could not be played because of the absence of electrical outlets. We also felt free to talk, as a group of only foreigners. We talked freely about some of the frustrating and uncomfortable aspects of living in Korea for foreigners, like being in crowds, public transit and public baths.

Sorry. It is only 9:20 but I am so drowsy I cannot see the screen.

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