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A Year of Living Positively -Day 122

I am determined to see this project through. It is difficult to find the mental space to reflect these days, though. Getting some funding to support me while I work on it, and develop a book out of the project, would certainly be a relief.

Things come up unexpectedly, of course. I was asked to edit a couple of translations out of the blue, one of them, a lengthy one at that, a benevolently without pay because it is for the labor activists. It did this work today.

In addition, the Pixel Association conference organizing staff sent me some procedures to look through and some paperwork to complete. After agreeing to submit a poster proposal once it was known that the deadline for submissions was past, I am being solicited to produce an article on the poster presentation. There is a process with deadlines and administrative duties, naturally. Using materials previously written on the poster topic, which is my collection of stories about language learners, I was able to pull out excerpts in order to get a start on drafting an article. Though I had not been confident I could get something together by April 26th, now it seems feasible. I therefore went ahead and filled out the publication release form and drew up a biographical profile today. 

Thirdly, there was marking to finish in time for an afternoon class today. I also wanted to finish marking some quizzes for the composition classes, since one of the classes is to be held tomorrow morning. Because the quiz involved having the students composing paragraphs within the class period, there was the painstaking chore of reading and evaluating all the paragraphs as well as the quiz section that can be more easily quantitatively measured.

Things break down too, of course. Both a desk drawer front and a folding door stop are coming off their settings and need to be screwed back on, As well, more window dressing needs to be done inside the office.

Meanwhile, the personal writing projects are barking at my heels. Today, I had hoped to say more about how to develop the second volume of this positive thinking blog, but I don't have much in mind. I need to back off and relax because "hump day" (Wednesday) is fast approaching, my longest day of work that ends with the late evening Korean class. I don't even feel that I can study Korean for half an hour tonight. (Fortunately, I did study yesterday and on Sunday.)

The demands of the day-to-day work and study must be taken care of first and foremost, as the personal writing does not pay the bills. Hopefully, it will some day.

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