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A Year of Living Positively -Day 121

I'm back after an intense day yesterday. Wrapping up volume one of "A Year of Living Positively,"  composing the introduction and conclusion, then collating and formatting the entire document of 162 pages was a lot of work. I feel fresher today, but I have not had much time to reflect on how to proceed. I haven't even had much time to check my feelings about this pivotal moment because the tension of the work and the buzzing of thought inside my brain have dulled the emotional response. 

I also had to resize the photo I'd chosen as the cover for the time being. It was finicky labor, and I had forgotten how to set it up for the requirements of the publisher. Each time red messages appeared reporting that I had not passed muster and that adjustments had to be made for publishing to happen, I was reminded. After several attempts, I eventually figured it out, at least so far as getting the system to upload the photo. There are no graphic adornments, not even the title and author's name as I lack a photo shop program. At least the photo fits and works.

I want to take time to find something appropriate. I need to see how the writing goes and my thinking on the subject of positive thinking evolves before I finalize a cover. Yesterday, I just looked through my electronic albums, thinking that some scene of nature might do, and chose a photo of rhododendrons in full red bloom in the sunlight. 

It is the season for such flowers now, at this point in spring, so it brings to mind the spring and reminds me when I completed that section of work. As an emblem of spring, it also signifies rebirth and growth, which is fitting. I like the fact that the colour of the flowers is bright red. It is a colour meaning power, life and revolutionary change.

I do recall feeling satisfied by Sunday evening, though, hours after publishing the piece. I felt content knowing that I had made it this far, and that there was further evidence of my creativity and hard work displayed for others to see.

I was especially pressed to make sure that I posted the volume of work as soon as possible since funding officials may be looking through my work and judging me. In fact, I received an acknowledgement notice from the Canada Council of the Arts, indicating that the application has been received and that it will be examined. Yahoo! I want to impress them, since I have this chance.

I will have to keep mulling over how to develop this discussion in these blogs from here on in.  I have decided that I am headed towards saying something profound about the need and possibility of cultural renewal as part of a process of making basic changes to the way humans are living. I guess I am working on a philosophy, when all is boiled down. I do want to keep it practical, at the same time, so that it is helpful for individuals and groups to address problems in their lives and find more joy. I must plod on step by step, picking my way through daily life to go forward. I do want to keep on the same track and see what happens.

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