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A Year of Living Positively -Day 114

It happens sometimes that I recall how many bakeries in South Korea do not make baguettes. When I think of buying some bread, a little refrain about this problem often comes to mind: "Paris Baguette has no baguettes." There is a major franchise named "Paris Baguette", and based in California so I believe, that has many stores in South Korea. In fact, there are such stores in most urban neighbourhoods. Despite its bold name, I have yet to find a baguette in one. The idea that a bakery with "baguette" in its name would not offer baguettes is kind of humorous, at least on the days when one is not too frustrated at the lack of real Western wheat bread in this country. 

I was contemplating getting a baguette to go with a chum salmon steak for dinner as I made my way down the street from campus to my abode when, yet again, this refrain struck up a chorus in my head. There is I decided it was about time I completed a ditty on this topic. I did so as soon as I got home. (No, I did not pick up any bread of any kind, deciding to have the rice and oats mixture with the salmon.)

Here is is and I hope you like it.

Paris Baguette has no Baguettes!

Paris Baguette has no baguettes,
But they sure as hell have cafe
You can while away the hours
Admiring goods made of all sorts of flours
As you're sipping your cup of latte
And considering, next time, you'll try a mate
From walnut bread to bean thingies of red
Not to mention sweet potato paste
And pizza treats not to everyone's taste
You might spot an eclair
Or try a "croissant" if you dare
And even germanesque pastries might be there
The ones filled with apple or those made with creme cheese
Yes, there is white bread, rye bread and rice bread
But the alien grain-fed palate is hard to please
Though there are birthday cakes in any flavor
And sparkling beverages to savor
Bonbons and cupcakes
Cookies, puffs and sponge cakes
Wafers, madeleines and mud cakes
Don't get your hopes up to high
Just settle for something new to try
EXCEPT that weird confection sugary item
That must be some stand-in for what we'd call creme
And don't even get me started on green tea
(It really is too much for me!)
And what's used for mustard would offend the French
The ketchup, well it'd raise a stench!
Abroad, we DON'T LIKE sugar in our bread or condiment
That is a principle, elementary, a simple fundament
And, for God's sake, just keep the corn out of it!
It's not funny, you shouldn't have it, so just let go of it
Non, Paris Baguette has no baguette
Today, or any other
They don't care what you'd ruther

B. Waldern (c) 2014

It is preferable to be able to laugh at the frustrating and disappointing aspects of the society of residence when living abroad. That is a good demonstration of positive thinking approach in action.

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