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A Year of Living Positively -Day 112

I had another idea for a writing project this morning. It is a project of humorous non-fiction and I got started on it right away. I have started composing another kind of journal. 

It hit me this morning when I had one of my numerous weekly, almost daily moments of klutziness. Yes, the topic is my klutzy behavior. I intend to document some of my klutzy behaviors in the form of a journal.

Why not? If I step back from little mishaps of mundane life, I can sometimes laugh at them. They are very comical, and I am sure others would share in the laughter. Mot of all, though, I should laugh. 

Thus, it is part of my program of adopting a positive outlook. Instead of frowning and getting a little uptight about clumsy methods or mishaps that result from attempts to do daily tasks, it is better to laugh at them. Doing so can contribute to an improved disposition.

I am calling the new venture, "Confessions of a Klutz." This is a project I can work on while I am writing this blog on positive thinking. Doing this blog only takes about 30 minutes out of each day, plus the time I am reflecting and processing its contents, so that it absorbs a lot of my time and thought as an author. However, reporting on occasional funny mishaps that happen because of my own ill-thought and ridiculous logistical inclinations can be done over the same period.

It is Saturday and I am relaxing at home, which gives me time to come up with this sort of stuff. I think I should not do much today, as I know I need a day of rest and especially because I have felt chilled this morning. As a precaution, I am wearing a big heavy knit cardigan over a lightweight kangaroo jacket, which I am wearing over a sturdy cotton t-shirt. I have sweatpants on to cover my legs, and cotton blend athletic socks covered with light knit slippers. I think I need to put on more socks. Forewarned by reports that my colleagues living on the fourth floor all came down with a virus last week, I want to prevent any such bug from defeating me, especially at this busy time of the semester when preparations of midterms is under way and there will soon be more marking to do. There was a thunderstorm on Thursday night as more dust particles from China accumulated over Busan, and the storm caused a chill to develop on Friday. It is somewhat hazy and chilly outside today. I find it best to keep the window closed. All the more reason to stay indoors and just rest as much as possible.

I'll go out tomorrow. Tomorrow, I plan to go up to the campus in the late morning and leave after completing the requisite phone calls to family and "Uncle". I want to go swimming in the middle of Sunday afternoon to keep up my current exercise regime, and take care of more grocery shopping at the place next to the big pool. Tomorrow will be a better day for more activity and going out.

For now, I have taken an anti-histamine capsule as the hay fever was really bad again with this hazy air quality. I really need an aide to block the unpleasant symptoms of the reaction to dust and pollen.

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